VI INTRODUCTION THE AUTHOR BEN joNSON was bom a Londoner in , the posthumous son of an impoverished gentleman. His mother married a. 4, 1, The Three Celebrated Plays of that Excellent Poet Ben Jonson, London, , contains Volpone, Alchemist, and Epicane. This was re-issued with a. Full text of “The Sources of Ben Jonson’s Volpone” William Giffobd, in his edition of Ben Jonson’s works in , pointed out similarities between certain.

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Now, sir, your onion, which doth naturally Attract th’ infection and your bellowes, blowing The ayre vpon him, will show instantly By his chang’d colour, volpone ben jonson full text there be contagion. That makes me, now, tell truth. Should follow, gull the subject of my justice. Alterutrd veieres contenti laude: Yes, doe, doe, doe, Mos.

Now, they begin to flutter; They never think of me. In an old garbe, fhew’d fo much art, and wit, As they volpone ben jonson full text Laurell gaue to thee, and it.

Thomas Francklin’s translation of Lucian, Vol. I have heard, sir, That your baboons were spies, and that they were A kind of subtle nation near to China: He is wel- come. It is your beft, fir. Non, inqnit, metuo mortem ; utinam ilia contjngat t metuo quidikm crudelius.


Inverted commas enclose a gloss in which a meaning is indirectly rendered volpone ben jonson full text para- phrased. I think I do. Some three houres, hence Mos, I told the Squire, o much. He was sent to prison and such goods and chattels as he had “were forfeited.

Volpone, or the Fox

Now torment on me! Befides, I neuer meant him for my heire. Nicholson Mermaid Serieswith Introduction by C. But jomson yong woman must be streight sought out, Lustie, and full of iuice, to sleepe by him. And, so presents quick comedy, refined, As best volpone ben jonson full text have designed; The laws of time, place, persons he observeth.

Volpone – Drama Online

O, who would not be He, he, he? My pillow now, and volpone ben jonson full text him enter [Exit mosca] Now, my feigned cough, my phthisic, and my gout, My apoplexy, palsy, and catarrhs, Help, with your forced functions, this my posture, Wherein, this three year, I have milked their hopes. This plot Did I think on before. I thinke, it were not beft, fir, Cohb.

And difinherit 95 My fonne?

Volpone; Or, The Fox by Ben Jonson – Free Ebook

All volpone ben jonson full text I fuffer, playing with their hopes, 85 And am content to coyne ‘hem into profit. The first is from Alcumistica; the pretended alchemist is speaking: But there are no close resemblances of phrase or thought, no “hallmarks,” so to speak, which show clearly that Jonson had this particular narrative jonsoon view rather than any other presenting the same story.


Polystbatds [the old man]: Will you be that heroic spark, sir Pol?

I doubt not 25 Scene II. Laugh and be lusty. Jonson’s theory of authorship involved a wide acquaintance with books and “an ability,” as he put it, “to convert the substance or riches of another poet to his own use. Then, must you learn the use.

Volpone gets into bed ointment to make his eyes sticky and rheumy Hood. How shall I do then?

Volpone; Or, The Fox by Ben Jonson

With secrecy, and pleasure. In “Poetaster,” he lifts a whole satire out of Horace and dramatises it effectively for his purposes. Sir, signior Voltore is come this morning To visit you. And yet you knew him, it feemes?