Vanabode. likes · 1 talking about this. To post and view questions, pictures, ideas, and stay in touch with other vandwellers visit the Vanabode. Jason Odom’s Vanabode book. Reviews – Now with an update. A few days ago I got an email from a Jason Odom asking me to review his e-book “Vanabode. Situated in Cairns, 9 km from Cairns Convention Centre and 6 km from Cairns Flecker Botanic Gardens, Van abode offers accommodation with free WiFi and.

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He simplifies complicated problems and literally shows you how to make each step happen.

People in those days would have lived in horse drawn vans, much like traditional gipsy vans. Well, good luck with your flat battery after you try that.

You will learn how to live super cheaply off the grid even if you don’t want to travel. This is crazy, but I’m on board now baby and loving it” Eileen Mathews in Detroit “This guy shows you how to cook without electricity, fire, fuel or smoke: The ideas and concepts vanabide not.

Except for one thing So, quite clearly he’s been caught out there. I am not saying that it does not have useful information, it does. Perfect as far as real travel guides go. He gives you access to a website too so you can read all the other issues people have asked for clarification on.

Then there was a racist use of the word “Abbo” which is a completely offensive term used to denigrate and insult Australian Aborigines. Bookmark this page using this button so you can find this site again later if you don’t have time to read it all right now.

Vanabode: Travel and Live Forever on $20 a Day

Buy Vanabode and you’ll have both the time and the money to go anywhere you want in the United States for months or years at a time” Lee from Nebraska.

I offer you the sensible carefully structured travel plan my wife and I have used for many years. Don’t make a bigger deal out of the interior layout of the van than you have to. Thie author spends too great a portion of this short book on justifying and “selling” his It is enjoyable to read a book by someone who is passionate about the topic which is evident in this book.

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There are some great travel destinations described in the book, even if you don’t get to your location via a customized van.

Vanabode: Travel and Live Forever on $20 a Day by Jason Odom

You won’t be disappointed. There is extremely limited information on the use of solar panels, no mention of a dual battery system, very limited mention of gas stoves just a passing reference to gas canister stovesno mention of gas plumbing except for use of a toilet, no mention of water storage.

Note again he provided no actual proof of such a page ever having existed, nor did he provide a link to that so called policy. Just thought I’d share that – Thanks for reading There was not even a stub page to indicate that it once existed but was deleted.

Many of the points he raises are worthwhile thinking about but I am not convinced that this is for me. I don’t care where people get their information from, this site or others, as long as it is free.

And he’s not only thoroughly researched the topic by living it I really enjoyed reading this book. I’ve go no problem with you doing that. We can’t we have to work. This is not a tiny little one-week-a-year trip to a distant place surrounded by tourists where you hope the weather is good and pray you don’t get sick and for a few hours you can almost forget your tired stress filled life back home. Hence why they are called deep cycle.

The bare metal is roomier and simpler. No planes, trains, or buses needed. I’m not saying Jason’s e-book is not for anyone. If you want to get started right now click to order your own copy of Vanabode otherwise read on for a more detailed list of what I reveal in this newest travel book.

If any of you out there have ever felt like you could not afford to travel then buy this book. Vanabode solves both problems immediately. Learn how to quit your job and make money working in some of the most exciting places in the United States like national parks and state recreational areas. I am on my fourth month out west and I still pinch myself every morning to make sure it’s real” Wally Jackson currently in Utah “I love the way this author gets right to the point.

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Would you go hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, boating, surfing, skiing, or otherwise get off the grid and out of the grind for months?

Discover how you can Travel America Forever on $20 a day

The resources you provide in your book are priceless. It’s there for the taking. Unplug your television, shut out the world, curl up in a warm bed behind a closed door with this ebook on your laptop and travel to new destinations: Would you dine out every night for a week on the pier in San Francisco? Jason Odom sent me an email where he was able to refer me to a page which indicates he developed some web pages for NASA. Lists with This Book. I gave him the sex chapter from this book and he is so excited, and now.

Jan 03, Zach rated it it was amazing. My wife and I are experts at this. If for any reason you are vansbode please email me and tell me what it is that’s stopping you.

Then we folded the mattress in vanbode in order to get it inside the side door and it fits perfectly side to side. You will find this work invaluable if you want more time to yourself: Even with a 90 amp hour battery you may use over a third of it’s capacity in those ten hours with a fan on high setting which you would do in hot weather. The complete inventory is explained in Vanabode; what to carry, why to carry it, and how to carry it.

You will soon find a common theme to his web sites.