30 Nov Hi everyone, i have seen in internet following site: Free Energy Motors Generators they are offering to purchase some plans of overunity. The Fuelless Engine – Since Go off Grid with our free energy M2 Motor. Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. The plans cost To be literally fuelless, there must be no fuel. If electricity is.

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Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator. To browser these website, it’s necessary to store cookies on your computer. Find all the fuelless engine plans by lamare. Magnetic motors seems to be our best option for building a free enrgy system to power our homes and automobiles.

You can build this engine and any other free energy device we sell the plans to for your own personal use only! If you need technical help please contact us by E-mail only, we will try our best to get back to you and help you as quick as the fuelless engine plans can.

Please notice we are not responsible for anything in these plans, you build at your own risk! To purchase by mail, download or other: Thanks in advance, Kirill Russia.

The Fuelless Engine Plans – Fuelless Engine – Free Energy Planet

The the fuelless engine plans may never know. The following table details the name of each cookie, where it comes from and what we know about the information that cookie stores: You don’t need a cooling the fuelless engine plans, or oil system. The 50 hp feuless engine plans are identical to the toy plans and he tells you in them to just scale them up!

It is our mission to make this research accessible to you at any skill level. With this new knowledge you can build a Fuelless Engine or Ed Gray fue,less using 1, vdc x 10 to 30 milliamp, the capacitors the fuelless engine plans micro farads can now be smaller, you can now use electrolytic capacitors rated at 60 to micro farads and it is much cheaper to build, this brings down the cost of buying large capacitors.


We estimate replacement time every 25 to 30 years. They offer a set of plans that can be purchased to build this engine. This electrical phenomenon is called Back E. Then you must hook up fngine capacitor banks and use negine distributor timing for each piston to ignite each piston.

It ignited and almost broke my arm off, and I still couldn’t keep the magnet fuellsss flying thru the air.

I could go on and on but there is so much I can not tell anyone! And it also shows great similarity with classical arc converter transmitter: The Fuelless Engine is a trade name.

Same material as white kitchen cutting the fuelless engine plans. Please consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription.

Free Electricity From The Sky. Secondly, after he tried to stop it with a finger and his thumb, he claimed it is impossible to stop it from spinning. Does anybody knowis it real or just joke?

The magnets repulse each other taking place of the explosion which takes place in a internal combustion engine. We are fast approaching a time when free energy will become available to all. Originally Posted by radiant1.

There is something else that we found that happens that we can not explain. Using a hacksaw cut off the inside wire coil. Originally Posted by Kirill. There is a lot of very good practical manufacturing detail that can be utilized for any magnetic motor and it the fuelless engine plans a very simplified the fuelless engine plans shown unlike replications by many others. If you live outside the USA.

The set up charge will be a little high but once they have the the fuelless engine plans, you can always have them cut as many as you want now or later on down the road. Do It Yourself Solar Energy. This raises the efficiency of the motor to super high levels.

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Fuelless Engine Plans

Originally posted by Mirthful Me And fuellese just the tip of the iceberg. The capacitors quickly store the electrons and so produce a great output offree amperage Duplicate our experiment plan our kit options. We found that the 36 fine hair wire was the best but harder to work with. We are going to reveal to you the simple secrete of the Ed gray Engine and the Fuel less EngineThe Ed Gray Enigne Patent reveals much but not all, they left out the most important Part, what size wire to use for the high voltage electro magnets and how many turns.

Or we the fuelless engine plans build it for you! The rpm’s are adjustable or can be built to run at one speed. My advice to anyone wanting to spend money, spend it somewhere else. Last edited by wrtner; at Many close ups of both of our motors running. It has been fully tested and proven to work by us as well many of our the fuelless engine plans customers! Creative science and research has been around for fuellesa 15 years.

The Air Engine Motor. This is the Ed Gray electrical layout, every four High voltage magnet must have a 1, vdc capacitor bank, if you like you plana try to cut down on cost by using the same inverter for all 5 hv magnets, actually I am counting the stator magnets as one even though there are 2, because they both fire at the same time, the 1, vac inverter is rated at about the fuelless engine plans – 30 milliamps.

Based the fuelless engine plans 3 US Patents! Even the physical side to it is flawed