TDA library for Arduino. Contribute to ildus/TDA development by creating an account on GitHub. TDA Datasheet PDF Download – DIGITAL CONTROLLED STEREO AUDIO PROCESSOR WITH LOUDNESS, TDA data sheet. 24 Mar This is a nice way to access a TDA Audio processor via an AVR, an LCD screen, and a few simple buttons. The website has all the.

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And why are the fuse bits set for? Thank you for sharing the project! To ScienceProg Thanks for the reply. February 27th, at Signal output was inspected with oscilloscope and with speakers.

The idea was to implement a menu system that allows to control all parameters of audio processor:. I want to connect this encoder to PC0 and PC1, central pin to 5V supply and I want to modify the program for encoder with bouncing junctions.

AVR based TDA Audio processor control | | Do It Easy With ScienceProg

Sorry for my English. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Connect with: From schematic point of view change would be minimal.


DSN file tested with Proteus 7.

Sorry, by AOPs I meant op-amps. Please, write me back asap.

All functionality works as expected. Rajivan 27 February, at I would like to ask a question: ScienceProg 14 March, at The idea of this project was to construct independent audio processor which can be embedded in any audio system with ability to control settings with simple button interface with menu preview in LCD. Raj 9 June, at Hardware and software seems to be working OK. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. Project it self is very easy to replicate. IA64 16 June, at 8: Could I apply an encoder and what I must change in schematic to apply this component?

(PDF) TDA7313 Datasheet download

Accept Reject Read More. Just build PCB and furn Firmware. But as I said, program needs re-factoring.

But basically menu control part should be rewritten in to more modular and clean manner.

Grzegorz 19 August, at ScienceProg 23 March, at There are five buttons and encoder with push function tva7313 only three wires. Audio signal quality on exit depends on power supply stability, be sure to use filtered power supply like for any other audio system.

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Firmware writing is always most interesting and time consuming task. If circuit assembled correctly it should work at once. I would like to make it with microcontroller. Hello Have just looked at the schematic of this project and the PCB and seems like they do not match as in schematic the xtal and 2 caps are missing as the button pins, IR pin.