Street Smarts has ratings and 85 reviews. Erwin said: Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. Jim Rogers best thinking distilled.I’ve been a fan of Rogers. 18 Mar If you’re not familiar with Jim Rogers’ Hot Commodities, Adventure a fan of this maverick commodities investor, Street Smarts: Adventures on. 23 Jun Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets is a book by Jim Rogers on his own life and why he is betting on Asia, especially.

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Accordingly, I should probably move to Singapore or China and ride the shifting tides.

Well, we are not that country anymore. Another example, in Singapore his HAD to have his kids in this certain school and because he had street smarts jim rogers money and influence he got them in. He’s been pointing out the dangers of the US financial system since It is young people of working age who produce it.

And when that happens it will provide great opportunities to multiply wealth. Feb 05, Pages Buy. But with the stock crashing, there are no buyers.

This delays the pain and will make the pain worse when we finally have to face it. Is there too much or too little cotton? Would there be art collecting and land opportunities for you? Rogers has taken steps to protect himself and street smarts jim rogers family from America’s sclerosis. emarts

10 investing insights from Street Smarts by Jim Rogers – The Crown Publishing Group

Boy I was sorely mistaken. And I agree with nearly everything he writes in this book. If I were to tell you that you could only make twenty-five investments in your lifetime, chances are you would be extremely careful about investing.

Rogers had enough money to retire forever at the age of His greatest strengths were those of a politician. For me the best thin Another awesome book street smarts jim rogers Jim Rogers. And then there is Alan Greenspan, described as “a mediocre Wall Street economist who was perpetually seeking government employment” and who “had been flitting in and out of Washington for maybe fifteen years when President Reagan in finally rewarded him for his inadequacy.

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A stock that might have gone down to 3 goes down only to, say, 8. I highly recommend this to anyone with an interest in financial markets and a desire to understand street smarts jim rogers is going on and how you can seize future opportunity.

He isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade, and has zero hesitation in calling people idiots most frequently what makes up the recent US administrations. However, he will teach us a lot of common sense You will be surprised to learn how many so called conventional wisdom lacks common sense. street smarts jim rogers

Investment Genius Looks Back

Previous Story Book review: May 22, Steven rated it it was amazing. They have different resources, people, culture, economies, and red tape.

Massachusetts is more socialist than China. It is the largest market in the world. His views on immigrants, His brief investing encounters in various countries during his travelling days, Historical changes in various Markets all over the world and his street smarts jim rogers with George Soros.

I learned a lot about international markets. Without sellers, prices can skyrocket; without buyers, prices collapse. rogwrs

He had initially street smarts jim rogers to retire at the age of thirty-five, but he outlived his goals.

There were a lot of informative segments about saving, spending, and futile inflation in Washington. I believe it is one reason Asians are doing so well in the world.

I know that their civilization is as old as the Egyptians but that’s about it for me. Nobody understands IBM, street smarts jim rogers even the chairman. Rogers also brings up the interesting Gov at Home movement that believes corruption could be reduced by having elected representatives telecommute from offices in their home districts. That’s atreet a commitment.

He believes the sun is rising in the East and, doting year-old father that he is, wants his daughters to be on the winning side of the globe. He spends several chapters lambasting everything from the outsized national debt to academic tenure.


He started his own company, delivering business information, and now he is one of the street smarts jim rogers guys in the world.

Street Smarts by Jim Rogers |

He was one of the first people to visit communist China after the second world war in the 70s as a private citizen. In my opinion, you will know the definition of curmudgeon after you’ve read this book.

That is where the assets are. Classical History, Economics, International world affairs, raising a family or just life in Wall Street. There is common saying ‘Diversity reduces Adversity”. Governments keep running out of money, and as long as that happens, bureaucrats and politicians will keep coming up with ways to create it.

This book doesn’t exactly show that he street smarts jim rogers street smart nor does it claim that it will make reader street smart.

Street Smarts

I don’t have to like Jim personally street smarts jim rogers absorb the value of his economics lessons. Throughout history, the people most eager to immigrate have been those people who are ambitious, smart, and energetic, the kind of people you would want to hire. Jim Rogers, whose entertaining accounts of his travels around the world — studying the markets from Russia to Singapore from the ground up– has enthralled readers, investors and Wall Street legend and bestselling author Jim Rogers offers investing insights and economic, political, and social analysis, drawing on lessons and observations from his lifetime in the street smarts jim rogers.

I really enjoyed reading it. The Chinese have not been able to t ravel for decades, and now they can.