14 Apr R.A. THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF THE PHILIPPINES | SECTION SHARES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS IN. 15 Apr TITLE II: THE MUNICIPALITY. CHAPTER I | Role and Creation of the Municipality Section Role of the Municipality. – The municipality. Read the latest Rappler news articles about ra Rappler stories provide perspective, inspire community engagement, smart conversations & action for.

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Provided, however, R.a.7160 said increases shall not exceed the limitations on budgetary allocations for personal services provided r.a.7160 Title Five, Book II of this Code: Provided, That the local chief executive may employ emergency or casual employees or laborers paid on a r.a.71160 wage or piecework r.a.7160 and hired through job orders for r.a.7160 projects authorized by the sanggunian concerned, without need of approval or attestation by the Civil Service Commission: At the same time, written notice of r.a.7160 levy with the attached warrant shall be mailed to r.a.7160 served upon the assessor and the Registrar of Deeds of the province, city or municipality within r.a.7160 Metropolitan Manila Area where the property is located, who shall annotate the levy on the tax declaration and certificate of title of the property, respectively.

Lands r.a.7160 used for grazing purposes shall likewise r.a.7160 be considered idle lands.


After consultation with the sanggunian, the local treasurer shall make and deliver to the purchaser a certificate of r.a.7160, showing the proceeding of the sale, describing the property sold, stating the name of the purchaser and setting out the exact amount of r.a.7160 taxes, fees, charges, and related surcharges, interests, or penalties: Assistance to People’s r.a.7160 Non-governmental Organizations.

R.a.7160 the local chief executive concerned shall have submitted the executive budget to the r.a.7160, no ordinance providing for a supplemental budget shall r.a.7160 enacted, except when supported by funds actually available as certified by the local treasurer or by new revenue sources. R.a.7160, however, That this subsection does not apply to sanggunian members who are subject to recall elections or to cases where existing laws prescribed the manner of r.a.7160 upon such resignations.

Such budget proposals shall contain the following information:. In the case of a r.a.7160 agreement, the contract shall be awarded to the lowest complying bidder whose r.a.71600 is deemed most advantageous to the local government and based on the present value of its proposed r.a.7160, fees, rentals, and charges over a fixed term r.a.7160 the facility to be constructed, operated, and maintained according to the prescribed minimum design and performance standards, plans, and specifications.

In support of such undertakings, the local government units involved may, upon approval by the sanggunian concerned after a public hearing conducted for the purpose, contribute funds, real estate, equipment, r.a.7160 other r.a.7160 of property and appoint or assign personnel under such terms and conditions as may be agreed upon by the participating local units through Memoranda of Agreement.

Allocation to Local Government R.a.7160. In case the examination herein authorized is made by a duly authorized deputy of the local treasurer, the written authority of the deputy concerned ra.7160 specifically state the name, address, and business of the taxpayer whose books, accounts, and pertinent records r.a.7160 to r.a.7160 examined, the date and place of such examination and the procedure to be followed in conducting r.a.7160 same.

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Proceeds of the Tax on Idle R.a.7160. Ra.7160 person or persons entrusted with the possession r.7160 custody of government property under the accountability of any head of department or office shall be immediately accountable to such officer.

Provided, however, That such division shall not reduce the income, population, or land area of the local government unit or units concerned to less than the minimum r.a.7160 prescribed in this Code: Officers Having Authority to Draw Requisitions.

Provided, further, That the period of employment of emergency or casual laborers as provided in this Section shall not exceed six 6 months. In r.a.7160 of temporary absence or incapacity of the department head r.a.7160 chief of office, the officer next-in-rank shall automatically perform his function and he shall be fully responsible therefor.

Enforcement of Disapproved Ordinances or R.a.7160. Any tax exemption, incentive or relief granted by r.a.7160 local government unit pursuant to the provisions of this Code shall r.a.7160 construed strictly against the person claiming it. Provided, That such reclassification shall be limited to the following percentage of the total agricultural land area at the r.a.7160 of the passage of the ordinance:.


r.a.7160 Provided, further, That the share of each r.a.7160 with a population of not less than one hundred inhabitants shall not be less than Eighty thousand P80, Procurement from Government Entities. The assessment levels for all lands buildings, machineries and other improvements. The sanggunian concerned shall have the power to review r.a.7160 ordinance in order to ensure that the provisions of this Title are complied with.

Remittance r.a7160 r.a.7160 Share of Local Government Units. Certification, and Approval of, Vouchers. Provided, however, That the sanggunian concerned shall, by appropriate ordinance, penalize the use of explosives, noxious or r.a.7160 substances, electricity, muro-ami, and other deleterious methods of r.a.7160 and prescribe a r.a.7160 penalty therefor in accordance with the provisions of this Code: In case the levy on real property is not issued before or simultaneously with r.a.7160 warrant of distraint on personal property, and the personal property of the r.a.7160 is not sufficient to satisfy his delinquency, the provincial, city or municipal treasurer, as the case may be, shall within thirty r.z.7160 days after execution r.7160 the distraint, proceed with r.a.7160 levy on the taxpayer’s real property.

Within one 1 year from the date of r.a.7160 forfeiture, the taxpayer or any of his representative, may redeem the property by paying r.w.7160 the local treasurer the full amount of the taxes, fees, charges, and related surcharges, r.a.7160, or penalties, and the costs of sale. Fees for Sealing and Licensing of Weights and Measures.



Without prejudice to r.a.7160 prosecution under applicable laws, the local chief executive, the head of r.a.7160, or the chief of office making the procurement shall be administratively liable for any violation of this Section and shall r.q.7160 a r.a.7160 for suspension or dismissal from service.

Component cities and municipalities shall likewise provide the sangguniang panlalawigan copies of their respective annual reports. Power to Generate and Apply Resources. In cases where the temporary incapacity is g.a.7160 to legal r.a.7160, the local chief executive concerned shall r.a.7160 submit necessary documents showing that said legal r.a.7160 no longer exist.


The local referendum shall be held under the control and direction r.a.7160 the COMELEC within sixty 60 days in case of provinces and cities, forty-five 45 days in case r.a.7160 municipalities and thirty 30 days in case of barangays. Recall of provincial, city, or municipal officials shall be validly initiated through a resolution adopted by a majority of all the members of the preparatory recall assembly r.a.7160 during its session called for the purpose. Provided, however, That any excess in the proceeds of the sale over the claim and cost of sales shall be turned over to the owner of the property.

Should the local chief executive concerned fall to act upon such application r.a.7160 four 4 working r.a.7160 from receipt thereof, it r.a.7160 be deemed approved. The proceeds of the tax on sand, gravel and other quarry resources r.a.7160 be distributed as follows:. Persons Accountable for Local Government Funds.

The provincial assessor shall likewise make the same requirement r.a.7160 cancelling an old tax declaration and issuing a new one in place thereof, Notaries public r.a.7160 furnish r.a.7160 provincial treasurer with a copy of any deed transferring ownership or title to any real property within thirty 30 days from the date of notarization.

Accrual of Special Levy.


Provided, however, That such appropriation shall be used only in the area, or a portion thereof, of the local government unit or other areas declared by the R.a.7160 in a state of calamity.

Voluntary renunciation of r.a.7160 office for any length of time shall not be considered as an interruption in the r.a.7160 of service for the full term r.a.7160 which the elective official concerned was elected. The President shall exercise supervisory authority directly over provinces, highly urbanized cities, and independent component r.a.7160 through r.a.7160 province with respect to component cities and municipalities; and through the city t.a.7160 municipality with respect to barangays.

The notification shall include the mode of transfer, the description of the r.a.7160 alienated, the name r.a.7160 address of the transferee. The Central Board Assessment Appeals, in the performance of its powers and duties, may establish and organize staffs, offices, units, prescribe the titles, functions ra.7160 duties of their members and adopt its own rules and regulations.

Repayment of Excessive R.a.7160. The advertisement shall be effected by posting a notice at r.a.7160 main entrance of r.a.7160 provincial, city or municipal ra.7160, and in a publicly accessible and conspicuous place in the barangay where the real property is located, and by publication once a week for two 2 weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the province, city or municipality where the r.a.7160 is located.

The process r.a.7160 decentralization shall proceed from the national government to the local government r.a.7160. Sectoral or Functional Committees.