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Disconnect the two push on electrical connections pottrrton the overheat thermostat terminals. Set potterton prima f manual switch to OFF. Template Literature Pack Containing: Red tube connects the front aluminium tube to the lower connection on the elboweach being identified with a red ring.

If the pilot flame is satisfactoryno further servicing of the pilot burner is necessary and the infor-mation given in ‘ 4.

Vertical flue system which allows the flue to pass through a flat roof and terminate at a maximum height of mm 78in measured from the top of boiler case.

Contains very small quantity of xylene.

potterton prima f boiler manual

The minimum spacings from the terminal to obstructions and potterton prima f manual openings are shown in FIG. When rear fluingthe elbow extension should be discarded. In all cases prior to servicinglight up the boiler and check that the pilot and potterton prima f manual burners have a cleaneven flame and that the gas rate and main burner pressure are correctly set. The boiler terminal block which is situated in the control box is not designed to accept wiring from all the on site controls and therefore the installer will usually need to incorporate a suitable junction box.

Remove the split grommet in the base of the boiler. If a by-pass circuit is fitted the by-pass valve should be adjusted with the boiler operating under minimum load conditions to maintain sufficient water flow through the boiler to ensure that the overheat thermostat does not operate under normal operating conditions.

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It must comply with BS Part 1 and include a manual testing device.

Potterton Prima 30F

Remove controls cover by opening the door covering the securing screw on the underside of the controls coversee FIG. Unplug the electrical supply leads for the gas potterton prima f manual valve from control box.

After installation of the appliancepreliminary electrical system checks must be carried out.

Don’t have an account? Potterton prima f manual will not be ignited as the ignition system is de-energised. Vertical Flue system which allows the flue to pass through a flat roof and terminate at a mxnual height of mm 38in measured from the top of boiler case.

Disconnect the electrical connections as follows: With Honeywellnote the individual wire positions. The boiler and pfima associated equipment will arrive on site potterton prima f manual two cardboard cartons.

In generalnormal handling and use will not present discomfortfollow good potherton practiceswash hands before consuming fooddrinking or using the pottertoon. Ensure that the spark gap is as illustrated in FIG. For Health and Safety Information see back page.

Electrical installation and servicing should be carried out by a competent person in accordance with the I. Turn the boiler thermostat on and to a high setting and after a period potterton prima f manual time the main burner will lightthis can be observed through the sight glass in the front cover of the boiler.

Undo the two screws securing the transportation foot and discard foot. Reference should be maanual to BS Enter text from picture: Earth to terminal marked ‘ ‘ adjacent to cable clamp. Fill and vent the system.

Unscrew the aluminium pilot tube from the pilot assembly. Further information on wiring of system controls can be found in the Control SystemPipework and Wiring Guide. The whole of the gas installation including the meter should be inspected and tested for soundness and purged in accordance with the recommendations of BS Carefully clean any deposits from around the fan motor potterton prima f manual its supports.


Do not purposely puncture.

Remove the self-adhesive arrow from the inspection ticket tied to the burner supply pottefton and stick it to the Data Plate inside the controls cover to indicate the appropriate potterton prima f manual setting pressure.

Irritation to respiratory tract. The requirements of the local authorities and the Building Regulations must be adhered to. If another flue outlet direction is requiredremove the appropriate flue outlet sealing plate and transfer it to the left hand position. Care must be taken to ensure that all wiring to the potterton prima f manual is kept clear of sharp edges and hot surfaces.

Potterton Prima 60F Manuals

It is necessary to first remove the side insulation when replacing the rear. Before the start of any servicing workswitch off at the external electricity supply by disconnecting the supply plug at the socket or potterton prima f manual off the external isolating manul. The over-run thermostat will keep the pump running when achieved check that the inlet pressure is 20 mbar See Fig 19 the boiler has potterrton down, potterton prima f manual long as the combustion for inlet pressure nipple.

The following substances are also present. The principle of wiring is shown in FIG. Sealed phial and capillary containing liquid.