5 Apr Politikin Zabavnik # PZ jpg. Cover artist: unknown. Country/language: Mini Yugoslavia / Serbian. Format: 22 × Politikin Zabavnik. Politikin Zabavnik. “30 Ways to Grease Your Brain!” In May , we did a cover for a legendary magazine in Serbia “Politikin Zabavnik”. 19 Apr Politikin Zabavnik (Serbian Cyrillic: Политикин Забавник) was founded in and is until today one of the most popular magazines in Serbia.

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politikin zabavnik Among the writers awarded are: Before that Politikin Zabavnik published only comic strips.

Politikin zabavnik part of the magazine is comics, while the other parts contain articles about science, nature, history, art, interesting events, written to appeal to zabavnij broadest audiences.

Politikin Zabavnik logo features Donald Duck as a newspaper seller. After politikkn end politikin zabavnik Yugoslav wars Disney’s characters returned to the magazine. It was established in for year The last of the pre-war editions No came out on 4 Apriltwo days before the bombing of Belgrade.

Ubrzo potom, u “Politici” se First it started with caricatures and animated moviesand politikin zabavnik some politikin zabavnik acquiescently started to be published in different editions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms zabavnlk Use and Privacy Policy. Mostly American, French, Belgian and those of domestic authors.


Allegedly, it was prearranged by a visit of Athens ‘ representative of Walt Disney Company. Another significant addition was a comic politikin zabavnik the middle of the magazine. The first day of was a historical date for the magazine. Four of them were printed with addition of red color and its undertones. Politikin zabavnik awards ceremony takes place every year on the foundation day of Politika – 25 January.

Politikin Zabavnik

Although it pplitikin been slightly redesigned several times since, it is still published in that format. Na Zapadu je ranije izlazilo dosta listova poput “Zabavnika”, uzori su nam bili “? politikin zabavnik

Bilo je svakojakih predloga, politikin zabavnik je pobedio onaj da se novi list zove “Politikin Zabavnik”. During the years Politikin Zabavnik has published numerous comics and strips. Every youth book in Serbian or a language of national minorities in Serbia. The concept of Politikin Politikin zabavnik was balanced relation between comics and texts, such as novels, stories and interesting facts.

Politikin Zabavnik – PhantomWiki

Politikin zabavnik doba srpskog stripa Archived at the Wayback Machine. Beside, it had exclusive rights on, in that time politikkn Politikin zabavnik extremely popular, Walt Disney comics. He suggested to president Josip Broz Tito to re-establish comic publishing in Yugoslavia. It had 12 pages printed in black and white.

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Двобој у Манџурији

Novina koja zqbavnik petkom, “Politikin Zabavnik”, ima zavidnu biografiju: Newspapers and magazines published in Serbia.

The first post-war issue came out on 5 January Politikin zabavnik it comes out politikin zabavnik on Fridays. Retrieved from ” https: However, after the end of Soviet influence in Yugoslaviaand especially after the Informbiro periodcultural bondages started to loose. Views Read Edit View history.

politikin zabavnik Bio je to minijaturni strip. Serbian magazines Weekly magazines Serbian comics Politikin zabavnik comics Magazines established in Serbian-language magazines establishments in Yugoslavia establishments in Serbia.

Politikin Zabavnik Serbian Cyrillic: The magazine now contained a complete episode of a comic separated on sequels.

Politikin Zabavnik 2108

Za nas je mnogo opasnija televizija nego neki konkurentski list — zagospodarili su Pink i kablovska televizija. Politiki vreme rata list nije izlazio. The first politikin zabavnik came out politikin zabavnik 28 February Domestic comic authors also had significant space: