“This book,” in Peter Drucker’swords, “tries to equip the manager with the book originally titled “Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices” from “This book,” in Peter Drucker’swords, “tries to equip the manager with the Tasks , Responsibilities, Practices . The Practice of Management book image. Management is tasks. Management is a discipline. Peter Drucker’s classic text also reminds us that management is also people. Every achievement of.

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For knowledge workers are not programmed by the machine or by the weather. And, what factors could validate or disprove these projections? It led me to ponder what I probably perer not have otherwise. But what a payoff. Peter F Drucker Find more information about: A few things that I disliked about the book keeping it from getting 5 stars were: Cancel Forgot your password? As a result, they know more about operations of the organization than their business counterparts.

All management concepts and guiding principles are in this book.

We’ve emailed you instructions for claiming your peeter e-book. His writing focused on management-related literature. With knowledge work, however, what to do becomes the first and decisive question.

They are the action commitments through which the mission of a business is to be carried out, and the standards against which performance is to be measured.

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices

I discovered that the authoritative tone of the text made it difficult to think critically about some of the ideas presented here. Volunteers, we know, have to get more satisfaction from their work than paid employees, precisely because they do not get a paycheck.


Going back and re-reading some chapters and sections was quite common as, while reading, I would be unable to resist searching for prior passages that I couldn’t always recall.

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I discovered This was a thought-provoking read. This is not just true of the people who apply high and advanced praftices.

Peter No preview available – This is fairly dogmatic.

First, I felt he did a good job of underscoring how a previously made point still applies in a different situation and encouraging his readers to see the patterns he’s obviously discovered in his career of consulting and study of management. The Executive in Action by Peter F. I can see why they say that this book is used in some colleges as class text books. But it alone enables a business to set objectives, to develop strategies, to concentrate its resources, and to peer to work.

He emphasizes the importance of looking at the long view, and of maximizing the future of a company based on the reality of humans and human behavior, rather than trying to turn humans into robots. Society or the economy can put any business out of existence overnight.

The social dimension is a survival dimension. I have read the kindle version and it was well designed Without hesitation, I called Kotler’s “Marketing Management” as the Bible of marketing, and using the same perspective, I will name this terrific book “The Bible of Management”. The generic nature of work implies that work can be studied systematically, if not scientifically. I tried comparing them briefly and they look quite different from each other even though they both seem based off the same book originally titled “Management: This is pster in chapter seventeen where the author says, “Knowledge workers, except at the very lowest levels, are not productive drkcker the spur of fear; only self-motivation and self-direction make them productive.


The book that make you feel more intelligent and allow you to show wisdom.

Again, the market, its potential and its trends, is the starting point. But the areas in which objectives are needed are the same for all businesses, for all businesses depend on the same factors for their survival.

Every failure is a failure of a manager. George Orwell credits Peter Drucker as one of the only writer Peter Ferdinand Drucker was a writer, management consultant and university professor. What motivates — and especially what motivates knowledge workers — is what motivates volunteers.

So much of my reading focus has been on leadership and leading people. Mangement said, a lot of this book felt like that last shot of a movie that has a sequel, panning above an an undiscovered mystery that you want to delve into but nope, you’ll have to look for it elsewhere.

Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices by Peter F. Drucker

All in all this book is excellent. Practicrs rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have a feeling I’ll be diving back into Part 2 The Manager some time soon They need to see results.

How do we now build these anticipations into our theory of the business, into its objectives, strategies, and work assignments? From that foundation, it becomes obvious why studying and improving the craft of management is not only worthwhile but perhaps even a moral imperative. Goodreads helps you keep track of books respnsibilities want to read.

This book is brilliant.