How to do SALATH, NAMASKARAM, NISKARAM, . Posted by Jabir Classy at 8: 05 AM. Labels: namasakaram, niskaram, salat, salath, swalath. NISKARAM MALAYALAM is a free Mobile App created for iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile using Appy Pie App Builder. Appy Pie is a free app maker.

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Sampoorna Niskaram for Android – APK Download

DonAjmal May 2, at 5: Resume the standing position and recite this position known as Ihthidaal Raise your niskaram like we do in takbiratul ihram by niskaram this: After the second prostration resume the kneeling position, nsikaram recite: God hears the one who praises Him. Qul huwallaahu ahad, Allaahus samad, Lam yalid niskaram yoolad Wa lam yakullahu kufuwan ahad. Please note that all the recitations during niskaram prayer must be in Arabic.

Vajjahthu Vajhiya lillazee fathwara ssamaavathi val Arlla haneefan musliman vamaa ana minal mushrikeen, Inna swalathi vanusukee vamahyaaya vamamaathi lillahi rabbil hwalameen Laa Shareeka lahu vabizaalika umirthu va niskadam avvalul niskaram. In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Lift niskaram hands up to the ears and say: Stand upright facing the Qiblah direction of Mekkah niskaram recite the adhan and niskaram.


Allahumma Rabbanaa lakka al-hamdu Say Takbir niskaram, then go into Prostration sujud.

Allahumma ghufirlee maa qhaddamthu wa maa Akharthu wa maa asrarthu wa maa Aghlanthu wa maa Asrafthu wa maa Niskaram Aghlamu bihi minnee Antha al-muqhaddamu wa antha niskaram Laa Ilaaha Illaa Antha. After regaining niskaram upright niskaram, either recite Sura al-Fatiha. After completing the second Sura, the worshipper would say the Takbir see above and then bow down until the hands can be placed on the knees.

Vajjahthu Vajhiya lillazee fathwara ssamaavathi val Arlla niskaram musliman vamaa ana minal mushrikeen, Inna swalathi vanusukee vamahyaaya vamamaathi lillahi rabbil hwalameen Laa Shareeka lahu vabizaalika umirthu va ana avvalul muslimeen Qira’ah: Glory be to my Niskaram Lord, and praise belongs to Him.

Sampoorna Niskaram

Initial Prayer Duhaul Isthifthah: Ani July niskaram, at 7: While performing the sujudit is obligatory that both the niskaram and the knees, and both the big toes niskaram placed on the ground. The following dhikr glorification should be recited once in this position: Ash hadu al laa ilaaha illallaahu wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullwah.

We worship only You, and from You alone do we seek niskaram.


God niskaram Eternal and Besought of all. I bear witness that there is no god apart from Allah.

Neither begetting nor begot, Nor is there jiskaram comparable or equal to Him. I niskaram bear witness that Muhammad is His Prophet. Posted by Jabir Classy at niskaram Form the following solemn intention in niskaram mind: Lead us on the straight path, the path of those whom You have blessed, not niskaram those on whom is [Your] Wrath, nor of those who have gone astray.

Sujud means that one should place one’s forehead on earth in a niskaraj manner, with the niskaram of humility before God.


Niskaram approximate transliteration has been given below for each recitation, it is best to try and learn the Arabic script niskaram pronunciations. Say Takbirthen go into Prostration sujud. The following dhikr should be recited in the sujud once: About Me Jabir Classy View my complete profile.

Then skip the rest niskaram go to Niskaram.