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Uruguay – Criminal and penal law – Law, Act. Ley núm. por la que se modifica el Código General del Proceso, Ley núm. de 18 de octubre de Microsoft Windows Azure. SQL Database. Студент: Ставрески Гоце. Индекс бр. Професор: вон. проф. д-р Вено Пачовски. Академска година /. Published: (); Código general del proceso: Ley no. 15, By: Uruguay. Published: (); Tratados y convenios internacionales suscritos por el Uruguay.

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Enforcement of protection orders. Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence.

Section IV provides for enhanced border protection, and Part V for removing obstacles to investigating terrorism. Formula grants to States.

Pmf esej- bazi podatoci-15982

Amnesty Act of 15 July An Act to provide for 1598 confiscation of the proceeds of crime; provide for the deprivation of any person of any proceed, benefit or property derived from the commission of any serious offence; facilitate the tracing of any proceed, benefit and property derived from the commission of any serious offence; provide for the domestication of the United Nations Convention against Corruption; and provide for matters connected with, or incidental to, the foregoing.

La ley se estructura de la 15892 manera: Seeks to deter and punish terrorists acts in the United States and around the world. Also establishes that medical officer may excuse a prisoner from work or order that he perform light lwy. Pre-Trial Proceedings Volume Three: Part III deals with international money laundering abatement.

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In particular it amends section concerning rape by replacing it with the following: Proceeds of Crime Act, Act No. 15892 Orders for Protection Chapter Provides for offences under the law of England and Wales and Northern Ireland corresponding to offences within the jurisdiction of that Court. Imposes restrictions of movement on sentence servers.

ALCA – FTAA – ZLEA – Commercial Arbitration / Arbitraje Comercial

leu Aircraft offences Act [Chapter 9: Also amends section 4 regulating authoritiesand replaces sections and Prisons Act [Chapter 7: Section deals with discrimination and makes it an offence to “discriminate against another person with respect to his right to the supply of goods or services, or to gain or continue in any employment, or to be admitted to any public place, by reason of the sex, ethnic or racial origin, or the religion of such other person.

Pey Criminal Code of Kosovo of 6 July Also amends penalty provisions in a number of 1982 acts. An Act to provide for an offence of domestic violence and family protection orders in cases of domestic violence, and for related purpose.

Sections D deal with offences against morality, in particular offences committed against children.

Gives effect to the Statute of the International Criminal Court. Sets up the procedure of hearing on a motion on dismissal by the court. Penal Code Order No.

Criminal Procedure Code of 22 September Part 1 contains preliminary provisions. Penal Code Amendment Act No.

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Pmf esej- bazi podatoci – [PDF Document]

Makes rules in respect of, inter alia, definitions of racketeering activity, prohibited activities, criminal penalties and civil remedies. Criminal Damage Ordinance Cap.

Domestic Violence Act [Chapter 5: An Act to make further provision in relation to criminal justice including employment in the prison service ; to amend or extend the criminal law and powers for preventing crime and enforcing that law; to amend the Video Recordings Act ; and for purposes connected with those purposes.

Provides for rules in respect of, inter alia, drug trafficking offences, financing of terrorism, the proceeds of 19582 related activities, the investigation of terrorist activities and for related matters. Women prisoners shall not be employed outside a prison except on the recommendation of a medical officer.

Ley 15982, Código General del Proeceso

Part 5 makes provision for prevention of spread of HIV. Time limit on the operation of injunctions. Also amends articles 84 Terrorism against the peoples administrationtrafficking in humans2 sentencing1 black market trading, a, b tax evasiona infringing upon copyright and related rightsinfringing upon industrial property rights as well as a number of other articles concerning environmental violations, terrorism, and money laundering.

Anti-Corruption Act, [No.