Mudras. Kathakali mudras (hand gestures). HOME · ABOUT US · About Us · Performance · Food & Accomodation · MASTERS · · Mary John · Riya K. Mudras (hand poses) play a pivotal role in Kathakali. Mudras tremendously reduce literary expressions to elementary notions very easily. The basic Mudras. Kathakali is a highly stylized classical kerala dance performance noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes.

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The cheek region, This is preamble of female characters appearance.

Kathakali Mudras Stock Photos & Kathakali Mudras Stock Images – Alamy

In front of, 7. There are ‘Asamyutha Mudras’ that is shown using single hand and ‘Samyutha Mudras’ mudras shown in double hands in each Basic Mudras, to show different symbols. Artists are capable of producing a range of sounds varying from the gentle rattle of dry leaves in a breeze to reverberating thunder on Chenda. Mudras The communication among the characters and to the audience is through an intricate language of hand gestures, used in combination with facial expression and body movements.

Structure of the Performance In olden days Kathakali performance mostly took place on temple premises or at the house of a local landlord. Male performer ties a small woolen cloth above the anklet and ties bells fixed on a leather pad below the knee. There are 24 Basic Mudras hand gestures in the “Hasthalakshana Deepika”, which Kathakali is followed. Ears of cow, 4. There are 36 double hand symbols and 10 single hand symbols using this Mudra.


At this time a colour-canopy appears over the curtain, when an extra ordinary noise is heard. Katakam Golden Bangle 4.

Thin decorative coating of Chutti covers the black end portion of the face and meets the Chuttinata hem of head dress. Samaana Mudras Same Mudras: This traditional dance kafhakali can be seen during several cultural festivals or occasions. Over it, from centre of both the chin to the lower jaw, white rice paste curves known as Chuttis are given.

Ramanaattam was renamed to Attakatha. Katuakali are 9 double hand symbols and 4 single hand symbols using this Mudra. To add ferocious look to the fiery red eyes, two bristled white rows are drawn from the upper lip to the black lines around the eyes.

Pestle made of iron, 7.

Thripathaaka Flag with three colours: Tortoise Double hand symbols: At this stage the curtain is pulled off judras the stage. One who practices Yoga, meditation, 5.

A considerable part of the script is in the form of lyrics, sung by vocalists.

kathakali mudras

Thripathaaka Flag with three katahkali. Happiness and comfort, Anjaly Folded hands in Salutation Stories based on other epics and puranas were added to its repertoire in later period. Anjaly Folded hands in Salutation: Female characters spontaneously breaking into mudeas and “Kummi” dances can be seen in few dramas.

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They form a cycle of eight stories based on Ramayana. For example to show the symbol “Indra”, the Mudra “Sikharam” in one hand and the Mudra “Mushti” in the other hand; for ‘Sivan’ the Mudras used are “Mrigaseersham” and “Hamsapaksham”; etc Costumes The headgear worn by the various characters in Kathakali are kathakalk specimen of intricate woodcarving, an ancient speciality of the region.

Vachika drama text in the form of verses and songs are recited and sung by vocalists.

There are 25 double hand symbols and 15 single hand symbols using this Mudra. The actors stand behind the curtain. Women performer wears silver paijaeb a variety of ornament before tying the bells.

Fingers of the character left hand fingers covered with long thimbles rise in the centre of the curtain. Each colour in make-up denotes each particular quality.