Stoicism has ratings and 23 reviews. Scriptor Ignotus said: Although today Stoicism is celebrated primarily as an ethical philosophy, John Sellars’s. “Stoicism needs a new work of this kind. Sellars not only takes good account of the last thirty years of research, he also has much of his own to contribute. Peter chats about Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and Epictetus with John Sellars, an expert on Roman Stoicism and the reception of Stoicism in the.

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Comprehensive and authoritative, yet easy to read at the same time, Stoicism by John Sellars covers three main Stoic philosophical discourses of logic, physics and ethics. What John talks of is what I call the Fourth Stoa.

Jan 03, Tanvika rated it really liked it. They acknowledged a distinction between nonsensical “utterances” that have no intrinsic meaning, seloars “sayables”, which are utterances that express a certain meaning.

This strikes me as both false and psychologically damaging for many people. A fine historical summary of stoicism.

Interview: John Sellars

I also remember reading somewhere that there was one philosopher from antiquity who embodied the spirit of Socrates without being a Platonist who also deeply admired Diogenes, and his name was Epictetus.

Etoicism there are just people who read Stoic texts, take what they find agreeable or useful, and in some cases chose to self-identify as Stoics. How does that square with your theory? There are now some that are attempting to return to the full spiritual nature of Stoicism and this can be done by looking to the whole of the writings, looking to how the Stoics of old developed their method of establishing what to believe and how they interlinked stoifism the various Stoic principles and then extrapolating ideas as to how Stoicism would be if Zeno and his followers had been around today.


Upon reaching this, one will be a Stoic sage. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Although Epictetus has two attributed texts: By introducing the philosophical school through descriptions of the Stoics themselves, Sellars is able to formulate the evolution of Stoicism through the ages: Stoicisn will respond to three misrepresentations of Stoicism.

The only thing that is a bit irritating seloars the book is that the author sometimes repeats himself needlessly, this affects the reading experience at times though not too muchan experience which is otherwise a thoroughly pleasant. As materialists, they tended to reject anything that we might classify as forms of reification: The chapters sandwiched in between, however, are where the gems are.

How has Stoicism affected the way you live stociism life?

Stoicism – John Sellars – Google Books

It gives an overview of stkicism history of the school, covers its philosophy as a system, and explores the three main branches of Stoic theory. Since then the reception of Stoic ideas has been closely bound up with stoicidm transmission of texts either by later Stoics Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius or by other, often hostile, authors reporting Stoic views.

What is determined is determined in the experiential moment, some by what has gone before and some by the input of the freewill of individuals and the will of the Divine Fire.

You are clearly only interested in Stoicism because it affords you an opportunity to make a great display of your vanity. I am a private person who wellars publicity.

It is an art which is to be both understood and practiced spiritual exercises.

One couldn’t be said to have knowledge about ethics until they actually practiced proper ethics. Instead I found it via a number of different tangential routes. Each personal encounter with the ideas in the texts will of course be unique. And then, of course, there is Stoic Week, which is a good way to jump in and learn more about what following Stoic advice might actually involve. Sellars devotes a chapter each to the three main facets of Stoic thought: Who counted as a Stoic in antiquity?


Interview: John Sellars – Modern Stoicism

John Sellars delivers what he promises to do, namely to introduce his readers to the basics of stoicism. How would you introduce yourself and your work to our readers?

While I have heard some people say they find this depressing, I have always found it liberating: Archie, It is easy to talk down Stoicism as you do. Stoicism in the whole offers much that many miss by looking at it as individual details. An excellent introduction to Stoicism. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

John Sellars includes historical information on the life and works of the ancient Stoic philosophers and summaries, analyses, and appraisals of their principal doctrines in logic, physics, and ethics.

He is the author of The Art of Living: I enjoy both the process and seeing the final product.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A glossary of names and terms, and a reading list add to the resources Sellars offers his readers. On emotions,the stoics consider unbridled delight or sorrow to be caused by wrong perception.

Ancient Cynicism is entertaining but there is not much to it; what I read about them said that they had influenced the Stoics, who were serious philosophers.

Those at least vaguely familiar with the history of philosophy should start thinking about Spinoza right about now. I did stoiciem choose to fall in love with my wife and had no control over whether she would fall in love with me.