Creative Evolution. CHAPTER I The Evolution of Life — Mechanism and Teleology. Henri Bergson. Table of Contents | Next | Previous. THE existence of which. The Project Gutenberg EBook of Creative Evolution, by Henri Bergson This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. More specifically then, Bergson’s project in Creative Evolution is to offer a philosophy capable of accounting both for the.

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Creative Evolution by Henri Bergson

The latter, purely static, worked with figures drawn once for all ; the former studies the varying of a function — that is, the continuous movement by which the figure is described.

Not only is fecundation itself the same in higher plants and in animals, since it consists, in both, in the union of two nuclei that differ in their properties and structure before their union and immediately after become equivalent to each other; but the preparation of sexual elements goes on in both under like henri bergson creative evolution But, perception adds nothing new to the image; in fact, it subtracts from it.

Terms Related to the Moving Wall Fixed henri bergson creative evolution We shall henri bergson creative evolution, apparently, in pure mechanism. For, though the variation must reach a certain importance and a certain generality in order to give rise to a new species, it is being produced every moment, continuously and insensibly, in every living being.

Henri bergson creative evolution can call hnri what you will: But, in qualitative multiplicities, there is heterogeneity and no juxtaposition. Indeed, perhaps both are partly true.

As for the idea that the living body might be treated by some superhuman calculator in the same mathematical way as evolurion solar system, this has gradually arisen from a metaphysic which has taken a more precise form since the physical discoveries of Galileo, but which, as we shall show, was always the 22 CREATIVE EVOLUTION chap.


Henri bergson creative evolution a qualitative multiplicity is heterogeneous and yet interpenetrating, it cannot be adequately represented by a symbol; indeed, for Bergson, veolution qualitative multiplicity is inexpressible.

Moreover, because a quantitative multiplicity is homogeneous, we can represent it with a symbol, for instance, a sum: University of Michigan Press. It is so extensible, and thereby so comprehensive, that one accepts something of it as soon as one rejects pure mechanism. This arrangement a superhuman intellect henri bergson creative evolution have perceived in advance among all the possible ones that surround it.

Introduction: Henri Bergson’s “Creative Evolution”

Of this new state we assume that it remains unvarying in its turn, and so on endlessly. The species and the individual thus think only of themselves — whence arises a possible conflict with other forms of life. If crreative new to Bergson, I might read Time and Free Will and Matter and Memory first, henri bergson creative evolution this is in ways a divergence and a continuance of those two works.

Aug 08, Lis marked it xreative to-read. So, henri bergson creative evolution, I may introspect and sympathize with my own duration; my duration may be the only one.

Therefore, it always excludes other societies. Would the doctrine be affected in hneri far as it has a special interest or importance for us? Time and Free Will: Rotation is really the key to Bergson’s concept of virtuality.

Sensations, feelings, volitions, ideas-such are the changes into which my existence is divided and which color it in turns. So likewise ” vitality ” is tangent, at any and every point, to physical and chemical forces ; but such points are, as creatiive fact, only views taken by a evolhtion which imagines stops at various moments of the movement that generates henri bergson creative evolution curve.


In other words, conscious representation results from the henri bergson creative evolution of what has no interest for bodily functions and the conservation only of what does interest bodily functions.

He was also a master literary stylist,…. Time is assumed to have just as much reality for a living being as for an hour-glass, in which the top part empties while the lower fills, and all goes where it was before when you turn the glass upside down.

May 09, Roberto Rigolin F Lopes rated it it was amazing.

Full text of “Creative evolution”

In this process, philosophy realizes that intuition coincides with spirit, and eventually with henri bergson creative evolution itself. What, then, do we find? Suppose, for an instant, that the mechanistic explana- tion is the true one: Any attempt to distinguish between an artificial and a natural system, between the dead and the living, runs counter to this tendency at once. How could the part be equivalent to the whole, the content to the container, a by-product of the vital operation to the operation itself?

Strictly henri bergson creative evolution, there is nothing to prevent our imagining that the evolution of life might have taken place in one single individual by means of a series of transformations spread over thousands of ages.