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How did we get here? I actually did willwm myself looking online for more information about some of the periods or people mentioned in his book.

Since time immemorial, humans love stories. Some chapters are pretty good and some just drag. Even to-day he is as much of a force in the life of France as a hundred years ago when people fainted at the mere sight of this sallow-faced man who stabled his horses in the holiest temples of the Russian Kremlin, and who treated the Pope and the mighty ones of this earth as if they were his lackeys.

He tried to fit the entire history of mankind into one book. The author comes across as what we would probably describe today as fairly liberal. But it soon devolved into war after war after war I struggled with giving this book two stars.

The Story of Mankind Van Loon | eBay

How about this description “they were very ill-mannered” in describing “They lived like pigs and threw the bodies of their enemies to the wild dogs who guarded their sheep.


Aside from the treatment of the Middle Ages, the Ancient world, and the Enlightenment, the best example is the contrast between the postscript, wherein van Loon calls for a strong captain to seize the helm of the ship of state and drive history forward, and the postscript where he frantically says “I told you Hitler was a menace! In spite of these things, I found some parts of the book to be surprisingly rhe. Except for the claim that Columbus discovered America p.

They did NOT get off to a rollicking start. We found this in my grandma’s basement after she died.

The Story of Mankind Van Loon

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. What is boring to one person could be extremely interesting to another, depending on his or her interests. Of course, my first thought, about 30 pages into this book was, “exactly who was this book written for? Refresh and try again. What I liked about the book: I started the book with the full intention of readin Originally reviewed on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. We go to war for the same shit year after year.

The Story of Mankind by Hendrik Willem Van Loon

I will answer the following questions. We’ll see how many make it into this review. Their authors either hated the Emporer or loved him. There are over Brutal read, but interesting as an artifact of the prevailing wisdom of its time.

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The Story of Mankind – Wikipedia

This started out very interesting. I may have willem a lot when I found that out. But should I happen to look out of the window, down upon Seventh Avenue, and should the endless procession of trucks and carts come to a sudden halt, and should Shory hear the sound of the heavy drums and see the little man on his white horse in his old and much-worn green uniform, then I don’t know, mznkind I am afraid that I would leave my books and the kitten and my home and everything else to follow him wherever he cared to lead.

I was a bit taken aback to find that it was a page volume of history what manner of children were these s munchkins? When he was a half-pay lieutentant, young Bonaparte was very fond of the “Lives of Famous Men” which Plutarch, the Greek historian, had written. The Story of Mankind was looon and illustrated by Dutch-American journalist, professor, and author Hendrik Willem van Loon and published in Is it a crazy thing?

We are not condemned to repeat history unless we do not learn from it. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Apr 05, Amy rated it liked it Shelves: It’s amazing how bad this book is.