Genba is a Japanese term meaning “the actual place”. Japanese detectives call the crime scene genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as. gemba | Gemba Kanri (Introduction to Gemba Leadership). The meaning and purpose of all these principles will be further explored in succeeding chapters, dealing particularly with the three cornerstones of Genba Kanri.

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Sign up for our blog. September 13, Dear Gemba Coach,Why, in your experience, after all these years of preaching lean, is it still so hard to convince executives to adopt the lean spirit?

Gemba – Wikipedia

Dear Gemba Coach,You mentioned during the webinar that plant tours reveal how well managers ‘get’ lean. January 14, Dear Gemba Coach,We work with Toyota Kata, which we find very helpful, but we struggle to set target conditions.

The checklist has to include questions that will help you understand the process you are going to observe in a better way. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: My colleagues in production have been doing lean for several years and complain about my forecasts, particularly when it comes to what they call leveling.

If the effects on process stability are negligible or even negative, the cycle is repeated using a different set of standard specifications. I am interested in setting up a team for implementing lean.

Principles of Genba Kanri

But then momentum was lost and waiting time is now worse than it ever was. But my team is running into a real challenge when it comes to motivation. How do we as lean managers enable thinking deeper together about them?

So how is lean different? You are sending an email about. But that’s exactly what I already do in my job. We’ve started measuring on time delivery at every step of the process, and it appears that suppliers account for a large part kwnri our instability. How do I stop myself from cutting in when the actions my department heads want to take are plain silly, or not very creative? The idea is that to be customer-driven, one must go to the customer’s genba to understand his problems and opportunities, using all one’s senses to gather and process data.


It adds more handling and goes against the lean principle of touching every container the least possible.

Thank you for explaining the different types of problem-solving that distinguishes lean. I feel that if we actually worked on all these items, the plant would just stop working. August 17, Dear Gemba Coach,If lean is based on respect for people, why are sensei gemba visits reputed to be so tough?

Dear Gemba Coach, Does lean apply to sales? November 5, Dear Gemba Coach,You mentioned during the webinar that plant tours reveal how well managers ‘get’ lean. Respect for Standards Gembaa define expectations in terms of what we have to do and how we do it.

Nichijo GEMBA Kanri – 日常 管理 – (Daily Work Management )

What is grmba best way to get started and keep them focused? Is there a way to make lean more sustainable? Dear Gemba Coach,I understand I have to train people, but I work in a very technical area and they all know far more about their jobs than I ever will.

A process needs to be stabilized through standardization to make it more measurable, predictable, and controllable. This will make it much easier to lead a successful Gemba walk in the future. August 26, Dear Gemba Coach: Authorities in lean practice suggest conducting research that compares outcomes with lean and without. Dear Gemba Coach, Good webinar, thank you.

The genba walk, much like Management By Walking Around MBWAis an activity that takes management to the front lines to look for waste and opportunities to practice genba kaizenor practical shop floor improvement. Which lean tools can be used to help them believe? For a few weeks now we have been witnessing some events which will probably further worsen the econo The purpose is to focus on process and make it easy to compare expected versus actual performance.


Dear Gemba Coach, What is it you actually do on the gemba? I’ve read the books and gone to the conferences, but most of what I see is very focused on manufacturing.

Is it that most companies have implemented lean successfully or at least elements of lean? It is proved that putting change into effect means that the person or the team who must operate the October 28, Can you explain how you reconcile the principles of “developing people” and “firing people,” especially in light of the challenges illustrated in your book The Lean Manager?

Dear Gemba CoachHow do I apply standardized work to product development? However, I still struggle with the idea of standard work in an gemna area. December 12, Dear Gemba CoachMy firm has been investing a lot of time and energy this year in teaching A3 thinking to our staff.

What is it all about? May 7, Dear Gemba Coach,As I read lean posts and papers, no one seems to have problems like this anymore, but I am trying gemha convince my manager that we have a bottleneck in the production process and that we should have two work stations in parallel to improve the flow.