ESAOTE P EsaoteUser Manual. ESAOTE – P by ESAOTE. ESAOTE – P Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos. Search for “p” and “power”. NO results found. Follow us onVimeoLinkedIn YouTube · Corporate · About Us · Corporate Governance · Innovation &. Esaote Biomedical ECG P Power 12V Ah Medical Battery. High quality fresh new replacement for the Esaote Biomedical ECG P Power 12V Ah .

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You can find us: Moreover the Thrombolysis optional package represents a unique tool to aid physician to predict ACS events.

Moreover, the internal memory allows paper-less exam acquisition, avoiding paper wastage. P Power is the 12ch electrocardiograph with LCD and direct keys able to faithfully assist you in your job, from the simplest to the hardest one.

Replacement ECG Cables

The resting ECG is completed with the measurement program for all 12 leads and offers a wide range of print-outs, moreover it and can be combined with the optional adult and paediatric interpretive program. Three more options can be enable: The internal memory and the high-capacity rechargeable battery offer the ideal support for hospital ward and emergency situations, while integration with the most advanced communication devices LAN, Modem, GSM allows on the field applications.


Through the optional pneumotacho sensors, SP or SP, P Power can perform a complete Spirometry exam, in eszote different testing modes including Pre and Post medications. Portable Ultrasound Diagnostic Systems.

The stress program allows the system to perform stress ECG, with external peripheral control, with either bike or treadmill. P Power Esaote s.

The five soft keys combined with the user-friendly interface allow quick navigation through the P Power functions and settings. Portability All the feauteres of the P have been included in a small and compact case to increase portable applications. The P is the result of a perfect compromise between size and performance: The measurement program can detect and calculate the main curve onsets and offsets, the amplitude and duration of P, QRS, and T wave, while the interpretation module, with adult and paediatric option, adds relevant diagnostic statements.

Modularity The P has eeaote conceived as a modular device in order to meet your exact requirements.

Esaote printer compatible ECG Papers

Data esalte can later be transmitted to PC Organizer Data Management for advanced exam management, including archiving, reporting, printing and statistical calculation. Basic, which includes a skilful measurement program, and Interpretative, which supports you in diagnosis. The P Power offers a comprehensive set of applications in order to perform a complete patient screening and analysis.


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A wide range of printout formats supports optimum results displaying from the 12 simultaneously acquired leads, with clear-cut and crips traces thanks p80000 the advanced filtering system. If you don’t currently have a valid account, and would like to get one, please Subscribe. The unit is available in two different configurations: