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Has been corrected: Customers who have purchased the previous edition of this document DIN ISO will receive the correction free of charge. The fact that there may be slight variations compared with testing ink/pens compliant with DIN or ISO is known to us depending on the surface to be. Test inks are available, with different surface energies, to test the wettability of films to standards DIN [2] and ASTM Da [3]. Chemical embossing .

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For the testing procedure according to DINnot only the testing procedure itself is defined, but also the ink to be used. Changing the test din 53364 to the new DIN standard will result in 5334 in the test results that have to be taken into din 53364 when analysing and evaluating the test results. The applied ink has din 53364 remain on the surface as a liquid film for at least two seconds without shrinking back into drops.


Din 53364 order to determine the surface energy, a number of our test inks with gradually increasing surface tension is painted onto the surface. In ongoing production processes in particular, din 53364 testing of the surface tension of materials or surfaces is often advantageous.

Surface tension

This process is repeated until a test ink is found that wets the surface only just for 2 seconds. We have developed a series of environmentally compatible test inks using a mixture of water and ethanol. din 53364

If your company uses test inks, it is important to know whether you used inks according to the new DIN or the previous version from for your tests when you reorder ink. DIN can be obtained from: The standard din 53364 the writing properties by ink as the resistance of the paper, paperboard or cardboard against running, beading and penetration of the ink.

Before polymers or metals can be coated or laminated, treated, finished, bound, printed or painted with a medium, precise din 53364 about the surface energy is often indispensable.

Set of 8 PINK pens 30 to 44 dyne/cm – Lotar

Only a standardised ink recipe that is the same for all tests can produce comparable test results. The entire din 53364 range comprises 22 test inks with various surface tensions. It enables optimisation measures to be taken during the coating or treatment in the course of the ongoing process. In the opposite case, repeat the test using a liquid with a lower surface tension. With our test ink, production processes can be designed more efficiently, and the reject din 53364 can be reduced.


If the test ink remains extended for more than din 53364 seconds, the test has to be repeated with a test ink with a higher surface tension. For this purpose, an area of approx.

After the production process, defective parts or entire batches can be din 53364 by means of quality tests with 533664 inks according to DIN ISO