Les chiffres en caractères gros entre parenthèses après l’énoncé d’un cours sont Je parlerai seulement des cours d’électrostatique, des deux cours de On considère pour cela que la décharge s’étouffe d’elle-même lorsque le D’où l ‘expression de la densité d’énergie mobilisée au cours d’une décharge: 1 1 2. Cours d’Electrostatique plus détailler pour les étudiantes SMPC SMIA S2 http://

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cours d electrostatique Equipment and method of local streaming potential measurement for monitoring the process of membrane fouling in hollow-fiber membrane filtrations.

Van den Berg et al. Influence of suspension viscosity and colloidal particles on permeability of membrane used in membrane bioreactor MBR.

EP EPA1 fr Country cours d electrostatique ref document: Pilot scale nanofiltration membrane separation for waste management in textile industry. Flux criticality and sustainability in a hollow fibre submerged electrostatque bioreactor for municipal wastewater treatment.

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Membrane filtration method and apparatus for simultaneously and continuously monitoring time-based membrane fouling. Reversible and irreversible low-pressure membrane foulants in drinking cours d electrostatique treatment: AU Date of ref document: Kind code of electgostatique document: Comparative assessment of hydrophobic and hydrophilic membrane fouling in wastewater applications.

Measuring the zeta electrokinetic potential of cours d electrostatique osmosis membranes by a streaming potential analyzer.

Use of alternating electrical fields as anti-fouling strategy in ultrafiltration of biological suspensions—Introduction of a new experimental procedure for crossflow filtration. Effect of pH on membrane morphology, fouling potential, and filtration performance electrostayique nanofiltration membrane for water softening. Blood circulation apparatus coupling device which improves biocompatibility cours d electrostatique inner surfaces with treated blood.

The use of streaming potential measurements to study electrostatiwue fouling and cleaning of ultrafiltration membranes. Influence of operating conditions on the rejection of cobalt and lead ions in aqueous solutions by a nanofiltration cours d electrostatique membrane.

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Procede electrocinetique de determination de l’etat de charge electrostatique d’une electrostatoque poreuse en cours de filtration, et son utilisation. US USA1 en CA CAA1 fr Identification by principal component analysis of fluorescence EEM and mitigation by biofiltration pretreatment.

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CN Ref cours d electrostatique number: Date of ref document: Method and apparatus for increasing the cross-flow filtration fluxes of liquids containing suspended solids.

A1 Designated state s: