In A.E. Knoch chose a new title, given a new title- Concordant Literal New Testament. The Concordant Literal New Testament (CLNT) is the work of a man named A. E. Knoch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri in America in and died in To keep from emphasizing his personal views and traditional errors, he developed the concordant method of translation. The purpose of the compiler was to.

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A foreigner often thinks in his own language and translates word for word and tense for tense into English. His bulky translation concordant literal new testament of the Greek text in uncials, a sublinear translation in English, and on the opposite page an idiomatic rendering, all accompanied by an enormous mass of notes and adding up to some eight hundred pages.

The Concordant Literal New Testament

For example the KJV translates the Greek word aion by worldage or ever according to its context, and one might add the opinions, traditions and biases of the translators. The Greek present tense sometimes correspond to the simple English present, I walkand concordant literal new testament to the continuous, I am walking. Knoch translates this eonian lifeby which he understands life throughout some future eon.

Knoch wanted to produce concordant literal new testament translation of the scriptures that would as much as possible be accurate and free from personal bias, including his own. In addition, for each Greek verb tense he chose the English tense which he felt best corresponded to it.

The fourth edition appeared in and concordant literal new testament the publication of a Concordant Version in Germany in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Similar devices are used in the CVOT, in which boldface type, symbols and capital letters indicate the words actually found in the Hebrew text, and lightface type indicate English words added for clarity.

Learn how and concordant literal new testament to remove these template messages. Our translation principles, both of vocabulary and grammatical analysis, govern all that we do.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template message. For the eon is nonsense!

Wilcox of Long BeachHorace M. He believed that a major source of error was inconsistency of translation. The Bible’s best known verse comes across as: The book Studies in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans by George Concordant literal new testament Rogers is an in-depth examination of the Epistle to the Romans concordant literal new testament the Concordant Version ; though out of print, used copies are available.

The doctrine of universal reconciliation concorcant more than any other teaching on the translation of key Greek words and phrases.

Concordant Version – Wikipedia

The most accurate translation of any given word will vary according to its context. Knoch reestablished gestament title as Concordant Version.

From until the CV was issued in parts beginning with Revelation. He concordant literal new testament up a concordance of these concordant literal new testament, which is published together with the CLNT. All came into be ing through it, and apart from it not even one thing came into be ing which has come into be ing.

The corresponding English version was then called the literwl, International Edition.

Concordant Version

Choice of the best English word to translate a given Greek word. Knoch designed the Concordant Version in such a way as to put the English reader who lacks a formal knowledge of Koine Greek in possession of all the vital facts of the most ancient codices: His various signs and symbols provide a lot of further information about the original Greek, which would otherwise only be available to concordant literal new testament who have actually studied the language.

This article has multiple issues. The lexicon gives reason, discourse, doctrine, instruction and several other words, any of which might be the best translation of logos in a given context.

For thus God loves the world, so that He gives His only-begotten Son, that everyone who is believing in Him should not be perishing, but may be having life age-abiding. In addition to this he devised a large number of signs and symbols which he inserted into the text to concordant literal new testament further anything which was not a directly literal translation from concordant literal new testament Greek according to his rules.


This was done with the intent of conforming, as far as possible, to the original autograph manuscripts. It is this principle of consistent or “concordant” translation which was also employed in the compilation of the Concordant literal new testament Version of the Old Testament CVOTnow completed. It seems that what limitations he saw, he failed to explain clearly to his readers.

The area of meaning covered by a word in any given language hardly ever corresponds exactly to the area covered by a similar word in another language. Knoch, I believe, was an honest and sincere lover concordant literal new testament Scripture and seeker after truth. He saw some of tfstament limitations of his approach to translation, but not sufficiently clearly.

Concordant Literal New Testament

Some other Bible translations actually put both concordant literal new testament and withand allow the reader to make up his own mind. I am not saying that Knoch was right or wrong to choose the word eon. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Weymouth’s apparatus was also consulted which gives the results of StunicaErasmusStephens, Elziver and Scrivener. In the interests of neutrality and objectivity, it is a fair and truthful statement that the Concordant Version is significantly more difficult to use than most other versions nwe the Bible. Bagley, Pastor George L. His very careful concorvant of English words will sometimes provide insights into the meaning of the concorsant Greek which are less clear in other translations.

Bromiley editor, Wbeerdmans, page 96, As Retrieved”Another version of the NT, which began to appear in and was completed in nine parts inbears an extraordinarily lengthy title concrodant concordant literal new testament usually referred to by its first three words: The Greek here is ambiguous and both translations are equally valid. The English words that he chose to represent the Greek words in scripture would begin to take on new meanings in line with their Greek concordant literal new testament.