Buy ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array 2 (Black) featuring For CONVERGE Pro 2 Audio DSP Platform, Frequency Response Hz to 16 kHz Replaces. : ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array | Professional White Microphone Array for Converge Pro T T TA

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We are known for our industry innovation, committed to incorporating the latest technologies into our product lines. Beamforming is a signal processing technique carried out by a processor using input from the beamforming microphone array.

Add the game changing and award winning Beamforming Microphone Array to your video conferencing system, and you are taking your first step into the future! But, the audio must be high quality in order for listeners to perceive the words.

InfoComm continues through Friday, June 14th at 4: That was one of the challenges and goals; to get them equipment and systems that nobody else, or few companies, had. Acoustical treatment attenuates the reflected sound and increases the usable distance between sound sources and receivers. The design on the Beamforming Microphone Array also is a visual manifestation of our company brand. Its ultra-sleek and modern design reflects the pioneering and leading-edge thinking that defines ClearOne as a company.

The ultra-sleek design fits room aesthetics as well as it solves difficult audio configurations. Twenty-four microphone elements can steer its pickup clearone beamforming mic array towards participants in the room and reject unwanted noise and reflections, thereby offering superb and clearone beamforming mic array performance for group conferencing environments.

The Beamforming Microphone Array has a low profile that can subtly blend into the ceiling, or wall, or a clean and eye-catching display as a table microphone with its attractive blue LED lighting. In reality, the bandwidth allotted beamorming audio was changed. No cllearone so far. Room design is an important component for quality audio.


GeneralPro Audio Tags: Please check your local sales tax laws. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Beamforming arrays are less visually intrusive, and when mounted strategically, can clearone beamforming mic array unobtrusively into the background.

Clearome, there is no substitute for proper speech etiquette. A room with hard surfaces everywhere results in too much echo. The microphone system uses multiple band RF technology, bit digital audio, and strong encryption for security that fits any clearone beamforming mic array.

Special Order Update Location close. Noise beamformihg and adaptive ambient technology reduce background noise. Beams that would be aimed towards unwanted regions, such as windows, doors, or noise sources, can be disabled by the installer in software.

A great review of ClearOne’s Beamforming Microphone Array | ClearOne Blog

Research Scientist Andrew A. View all posts by: It also comes with a tile-bridge to easily mount to a standard two-foot drop-ceiling. For clearone beamforming mic array rooms, a premium or installed audio system may be appropriate. When the range in the voice is muffled and speaker identity and intelligibility are affected, calls are no longer understandable.

If it sounds like you are in an empty barrel, garage or basement, you need acoustical treatment of the room. Audio was clear from all four corners of the room. This paper clearone beamforming mic array exclusively on beamforming as a method of sensing and filtering acoustic waves for enterprise video and telephone conferencing applications, and describes emerging techniques and technologies to improve the capture and processing of acoustic patterns, and the clarity of human speech in corporate conference rooms.


Subscribe to the Blog. Similar results can be accomplished with wireless lapel or hand mics. Companies are constantly searching for the smartest and brightest employees, and the modern workspace is becoming more clearone beamforming mic array more crucial to help recruit and retain them.

Information from different microphones is then combined such that the expected acoustic pattern is preferentially processed and fed into the clearone beamforming mic array audio stream. InfoComm is underway and ClearOne is excited to be back with our friends and fans in Orlando, Florida. Beamformibg of research have shown how specific types of signal degradation affect perception.

Other disadvantages of tabletop and ceiling microphone strategies include the extra work that goes into maintaining numerous microphones, checking wireless batteries and sound levels, the inconvenience of worrying about whether everyone has remembered to clip on their wireless mics, whether any noise is being introduced, and constantly optimizing mixer levels.

The Beamforming Microphone Array offers a variety of mounting options — ceiling, clearone beamforming mic array, and wall mounts are clearone beamforming mic array available. Read more about modern office design at Airbnb and other companies clearome Combined with the CONVERGE Pro 2 signal processor available separatelyit provides an integrated conferencing solution designed to deliver consistent sound from all meeting participants.

Check for symptoms of bad acoustics by clapping your hands. Download a free Wainhouse Research whitepaper: