Clarion DXZUSB ‘High End’ CD/USB/MP3/WMA/AAC Tuner with CeNET Control |n| |n|The DXZUSB focuses on high quality sound in the digital age. Read Clarion DXZUSB – High End CD/USB/MP3/WMA/AAC Receiver with CeNET Control. Clarion DXZUSB Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Clarion DXZUSB Service Manual.

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Hear your music the way it was meant to be heard. Dividing dxz786usv sound spectrum into 2 bands, the parametric EQ allows equalizing of the frequency curve for customization of the sound character according to the speakers used and the acoustic properties in the car.

Clarion also clraion you fine-tune the look of your source unit with colour illumination. Simply swipe your fingertip to easily adjust the volume. Adjustment is possible from 0 to To achieve optimum sound positioning, ideally each speaker should be located equidistantly from the listener.

Conversations are possible via wireless connection of the phones to the vehicle audio systems. The High Pass Filter is also available to cut off frequencies below 50, 80 or kHz. However, it is almost impossible to realise this within the vlarion of a car.


Xover circuitry also optimises each output range, resulting in more natural and smoother transitions between ranges. Preset radio stations and CD track controls are also incorporated into the multifunctional display, so you can navigate through preset stations or select your favourite music track by sliding your finger to a side of the display.

Thanks to 6-step gain adjustment of 3 separate preset patterns, tailoring the sound to your system speakers and the selected audio source is now possible.

Handsfree conversations on Bluetooth ready mobile phones, supports greatly dxz786ussb safety in driving. The connector allows you to link to a USB compatible device to play music files in DRM 10 format that were purchased and downloaded over the Internet.

Clarion DXZ786USB Manuals

The cut-off frequency, filter, slope and phase can be adjusted for each band, dxzz786usb precise sound tuning. Colour-tuning the look of your audio system is easy.

Choose from 13 different preset colours to let the DXZUSB slowly morph through the entire spectrum or fine tune the Red, Green and Blue levels to match your dash ddz786usb. This is also possible even if you decide to connect your original speakers directly to your main unit without an external amplifier.


The Digital Z-Enhancer lets you choose from 3 equalisation patterns to restore tonal balance by freely accentuating each of the high and low frequency ranges. You no longer need an expensive adapter box or interface cable to connect your iPod to your Clarion source unit.

Clarion DXZUSB Manuals

Separates the sound spectrum into different bands so you can minimise peaking and phase cancellation, which can result in muddy sound when using a 2-way or 3-way speaker system. With Bluetooth ready iPods, music reproduction from and control of iPods can be done through the main unit.

The result is clear and detailed sound. Digital Time Alignment works dxz786usbb virtually change speaker distances, thus creating a seemingly optimal sound field.