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The REAL World premiere recording of the 14 Canons BWV The recording was using a “Vorabdruck” (pre-release, print before the official. Download 14 Canons, BWV by Johann Sebastian Bach for free from Media in category “BWV “. The following 50 files are in this category, out of 50 total. BWV – × ; 47 KB. BWV –

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Canon triplex a 6 voci [7: This sprightly variation contrasts markedly with the slow, contemplative mood of the theme.

This file is available in “flac” format here. Note the mirror image of the clef and key and time signature at right — a clear indication that this figure is to be played backwards, or in retrograde, as it is also played forward, to yield the wbv of the fourteen canons. Variatio 22 a 1 Clav.

The Oxford History of Western Music. A rapid melodic line written predominantly in sixteenth notes is accompanied by another melody with longer note values, which features very wide leaps:.

It is in 3 4 time. Of the fourteen canons in this work, twelve were unknown prior to Extract viewable on line at Google Books: Bach leaves the question of orchestration wide open, so I have used an orchestra of organs, two guitars, three winds, and 108 trading off the various parts. The end of the first section features trills again, in both hands now and mirroring one another:. This is the first of the three variations in G minor, and its melancholic mood contrasts sharply with the playfulness of the previous variation.


A similar pattern, only a bit more lively, occurs in the bass line in the beginning of the second section, which begins with the opening motif inverted. Williams writes that “the beauty and dark passion of this variation make it unquestionably the emotional high point of the work”, and Glenn Gould said bwg “the appearance of this wistful, weary cantilena is a master-stroke of psychology.

But some amount bbwv symbolism is unquestionably present. From this devout beginning they proceeded to jokes which were frequently in strong contrast. The same sixteenth note figuration is continuously employed and variously exchanged between each of the three voices.

Realization of Fourteen Canons on the Goldberg Ground, BWV by FlagMusic

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4. Variatio 21 Canone alla Settima. Views Read Edit View history. In similar fashion, some musicologists have, in my estimation, gone quite overboard finding numerology in the music of Bach. The canonic interplay in the upper voices features many suspensions. In the first two bars of the B part, the rhythm mirrors that of the beginning of the A part, but after this a different idea is introduced.

Variatio 10 bwg 1 Clav.

Problems playing this file? Take Canon I and turn it upside down, and that’s what you get here: This is the first of the hand-crossing, two-part variations. Both sections end with descending passages in thirty-second notes. Williams sees this as a sort 11087 polonaise.

14 Canons, BWV 1087 (Bach, Johann Sebastian)

Every third variation in the series of 30 is bwg canonfollowing an ascending pattern. Bach Studies 2p. Once the Count mentioned in Bach’s presence that he would like to have some clavier pieces for Goldberg, which should be of such a smooth and somewhat lively character that he might be a little cheered up by them in his sleepless nights.


Throughout the piece, the melody is in one voice, and in bars 16 and 24 an interesting effect is produced by the use of an additional voice.

Problems playing these files?

Here he demonstrates a figure that can be combined with itself not only in canon, and in inversion, but with the rhythmic values appearing in various multiples of the original. Rather unusually for Bach’s works, [2] the Goldberg Variations were published in his own lifetime, in Contents bwf Performances 1.

Goldberg Variations – Wikipedia

Program Bach leaves the question of orchestration wide open, so I have used an orchestra of organs, two 11087, three winds, and strings trading off the various parts. Matthew’s Passion; matter of fact, I’ve always thought of Variation 15 as the perfect Good Friday spell.

Like the passepieda Baroque dance movement, this variation is in 3 8 time with a preponderance of quaver rhythms.