Purchase your copy of BS as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards available. Power Flushing for central heating systems Compliance with Building Regulations Part L (BS ). Products. CalFlush Power Flushing Unit. by a new boiler. Many boiler manufacturers now make the warranty dependent on flushing and cleaning in accordance with BS, Benchmark and Part L.

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Please download Chrome or Firefox or view our browser tips. Overview Product Details The purpose of BS is to ensure awareness of potential problems, and of the remedies required to maintain efficiency and maximize the life of the hot water central heating system. Log in or Sign up. While it is most likely to form in the boiler’s heat exchanger, it can also accumulate elsewhere in the system, often at places where the water circulates more slowly. Anaerobic bacteria can thrive in both open and sealed systems fouled with corrosion and other debris, beneath deposits where the temperature might be lower and there is an absence of oxygen.

Heatrae Sadia welcomes ‘PV for Free’ scheme.

Power Flushing – Calmag Limited

To do this, first isolate the rad with the valves either side, and then drain into a suitable tray by partially undoing one of the rad valve unions to the radiator.

Dan Robinson 23 Jul ISBN 0 2. Note with all techniques, reversing the flow will help to remove debris which might otherwise remain trapped. Prior to flushing by any method there are some common preparation steps. Powerflushing is a particularly effective method of cleansing existing systems, especially those containing a high level of black magnetite sludge. Some systems allow the boiler to be operated at the same time, others may include some heating capacity of their own.


There are a number of ways that a system can be flushed, and there are a number of treatment products on the market designed to aid in cleaning and flushing heating systems.

The cleaner is usually dumped while hot from the system, and the system refilled to start the flushing process. System areas most prone to failure due to fouling by scale or sludge include the boiler heat exchanger and circulator pump. You can also buy rubber faced accessories that fit into a SDS drill. For example, the procedure could remove corrosion debris covering pin-holes in radiators and this could result in leaks.

The importance of flushing – Heating and Ventilating

Scale can also be responsible for fflushing noise or “kettleing”. We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Sludge is usually a mixture of corrosion by products such as rust or magnetite magnetite is a black magnetic corrosion by product one one gets from steel when it corrodes in a low oxygen environmenthard water scale, and particulate impurities introduced into the system make up water.

Microbiological organisms range from simple bacteria to fungal and yeast spores. Search all products by.

The vibration combined with the flow of the flushing water helps free more sludge that may have settled and congealed in the radiator. Customers who bought this product also bought BS Such debris can cause blockages and is liable to foul the boiler heat exchanger.

Aquaheat11 Marin flsuhing Power Flushing for central heating flusying. Although intended to cover domestic systems with up to 45 kW heat input, it is recognized that the recommendations are also applicable to similar systems of higher heat output.


Aerobic bacteria, fungi and slimes which have developed in the cistern can enter the system with the make-up water and produce debris.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. If the system is correctly maintained, well designed, and regularly treated with a corrosion inhibitor, then it is unlikely to need deliberate bbs7593 until significant changes are next made to the system. When water is heated, insoluble calcium carbonate is formed which can then come out of suspension to form deposits on surfaces within the system this often referred to as “lime scale”.

The standard also gives guidance on the preparation of the primary circuit of wet central heating systems prior to initial commissioning or re-commissioning following major remedial work e. Power flushing ensures flux and other deposits are removed, prior to adding a corrosion inhibitor which is a requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations BS Remeha scores high with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Changes at the top for Bs5793.

Customers being ripped off – Power flushing.

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This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. Hence it is often flusging making up some adaptors to enable a hose to be connected to the tails of a radiator.

Customers being ripped off – Power flushing. If there is any doubt as to whether a system will withstand any cleansing methodology, then replacement or repair of relevant components will be necessary before continuing.