This is a brilliant story. Well told, by a girl named Snot, if I remember correctly. The ending is a zapper. Do yourself a favor and pick it up along with her collection. 2 Apr Transcript of Brownies by ZZ Packer. Excerpt Setting Camp Crescendo: A camp that the Brownie troop had visited. The girls later realize that. 6 Apr Transcript of Closer Look into “Brownies by ZZ Packer. Grew up in Appalachia, Atlanta, Baltimore Graduated from Yale University and obtained.

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Send this link to let others join your presentation: That means they will say whatever they hear, like an echo—that’s where the words comes from…. Over brownies by zz packer period of four days, the African American Brownie troop confirms their suspicions and plan a “lesson” for the other troop. There are moments when the didacticism bt slightly forced. Margolin to sing “The Doughnut Song,” a religious song which they all hate.

Echolalia, the repeating of the speech of others, is a severe communication disorder associated with childhood schizophrenia and mental retardation. It occurs to me that I can stay here on the sidelines for the entire march.

Octavia wonders why they had to be stuck at camp with retarded girls. But then an interesting thing happens; as the girls brownies by zz packer the restrooms, Laurel finds brownies by zz packer her thinking has changed: Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed.

Certain negative qualities were attributed to black people and then applied also to whites who did something that fitted the negative stereotype, browwnies in this example:.

Consider a few random quotes from some of the stories: She has no desire to fight the brownies by zz packer girls and is excused from doing so by Arnetta. Figurative language is the art brownies by zz packer describing something in terms of something else. Margolin in class and giving all the brownes answers. A firewall is blocking access to Prezi content. At the camp, they zs a troop of white girls and believe that one of the white girls addressed them with a racial insult.


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Character Laurel Snot brownies by zz packer Laurel is known as Snot to the other Brownies in the entire story until the end. Modern racism, according to James Waller in Face to Faceis more insidious, subtle, and covert than the old racism.

Elise is a black girl who plays a minor role in the story. This practical book offers brownies by zz packer guide to how children learn prejudice and how it can be unlearned.

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Closer Look into “Brownies by ZZ Packer by on Prezi

bg Packer’s stories are, in a sense, political, in that, collectively and individually, they are all meant to make a point. Thomas rated it liked it Jan 22, Send the link below via email or IM Copy.

What is also true is that the experiences will be provocative and rewarding for any category of reader, because Packer, a Jones Lecturer at Stanford whose title story here was included btownies the New Yorker’s debut fiction issue inhas a commanding sense of character and setting, a captivating eye for detail and, most of all, a bold and often thrilling brownies by zz packer of language and style.

Ben Hyder rated it really liked it Sep 13, Focuses on race, gender, and brownies by zz packer identity in her stories. Some might think those are dangerous questions even to ask, but they will become unavoidable to anyone reading ZZ Packer’s extraordinary first collection, Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. The African American girls in brownies by zz packer also know how to use language to counter any negative names or labels that whites might try to impose on them.


The story Laurel tells on the bus illustrates the depths of resentment that black people feel over such slights. In the text, a girl from the Brownies explain how a possible ambush could be executed, using a deep southern accent and improper grammar.

Retrieved from ” https: The African American girls make a plan to fight the girls in Troop in the bathroom in the middle of the brownies by zz packer. When someone does something, or wears something, they do not approve of, or acts in a clumsy or incompetent brownies by zz packer, the response is, “What are you?

While Arnetta was there with her family, brownies by zz packer says, “this white lady just kept looking at us. Laurel went home with new realizations. There’s not much to like about Roy, but is Spurgeon the real loser here? THEMES Racial Segregation The racial prejudice and hostility shown in the story appears to be the product of historical circumstances combined with the current reality of racial segregation.

It shows the power of group thinking and the pressure to go along with the brownies by zz packer of the group to which brownies by zz packer belongs, even against one’s wishes and better judgment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tia emerges from the experience the type of person who won’t be locked in a closet by anyone again. For example, we were playing a card game…. When the Brownies talk about going to the bathroom by themselves the audience gets excited and wonders if the ambush was really going to happy.