Behar-ul-Anwar [Syed Muhammad Baqir Majlisi] Bihar Al Anwaar English Volume 5 · Bihar Al Anwaar English Volume 4 · Occultation From Holy Quran · Bihar. The Holy Prophet (S) said: “Teachers and students both share in rewards but other people are deprived of them.” Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol. 2, p. The Holy Prophet. Salam. The part of Biharul Anwar (that can be read for free online) is Volume 13 of the old edition which is supposed to be the same as the.

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At that time also I buharul to recite it, at some points he used to say: I came to Imam Muhammad Baqir a. After distress, there will be a wonderful deliverance!

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I asked some people about the location of the Masjid. Instead of asking for us to translate it, why dont you just try to learn Arabic akhi? Go To Topic Listing. He has perished or it is unknown which valley he has followed. He attends the seasons of Hajj.

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The next morning matters proceeded as the Holy Imam a. Narrated to us Qasim bin Alaa: After that came amwar Rajab in which he attacked Ibne Zubaidah and removed Amin from the throne.


Volumes 89 to 91 Kitab fi l-taharat wa l-salat in two parts: Bloodshed will be considered a minor matter. Does not one of you who leaves his house for some need return safely?

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Retrieved from ” http: Posted May 28, O Ammar, giving Sadaqah in secret is better, by Allah, than giving it openly; similarly, by Allah, your worship in secret with your hidden Imam during government by an illegal ruler, and your fear of your enemy during government by an illegal ruler and in a state of truce with your enemy, is better than that you should worship Allah, may remembrance of Him be made Mighty and Majestic, during the manifestation of the Truth with the Imam of Truth, which is manifest during the government of Truth.

That is why you find those verses unconnected. Do not rebel against anyone. Two armies of Sufyani will emerge from there and the Almighty Allah will order the earth to sink beneath their feet. It is mentioned in a Tawqee addressed to Abul Hasan Saymoori: But when the Almighty Allah would intend to express a matter, no one will be able to conceal it.

Then they served bread and grapes to me. Then the Almighty Allah revealed to Ibrahim that: Wasael al-Shia is 30 bjharul. Is it possible to ask the Imam about it?


Therefore it is obligatory on you to continue to fear the Almighty Allah and do not be deceived by the world and neither should you be deceived by those who have got respite and you should think as if the master of the affair has reached you. Minarets will be elevated. So I went to Shaykh Muhammad who had brought me here on the boat.

There was also a particular Sunni minister who was an enemy of the Shia. Allah and His Messenger told the truth.

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What do you say about the one who dies waiting for the reappearance? When I came back to the Sayyid, he asked me if I had seen the army to which I replied in the positive. Do you see the morning?

Those forces will enter Medina, accost this young man and kill him. Shama’il Muhammadiyah Shamaail Tirmidhi. Shaykh Zainuddin Ali bin Fazil Mazandarani says: I asked the Sayyid what it was and he said: Their jurists will be worst under this sky and mischief will start from them and return to them. Hayatul Qulub — Vol.