Back to Methuselah () by George Bernard Shaw · Documentation for the TextInfo template. information about this edition. This work, written. Back to Methuselah Preface by George Bernard Shaw An Infidel Half Century. ” Beginning” title page→. Documentation for the TextInfo template. Back to Methuselah has ratings and 21 reviews. David said: The evolution of Humanity played out on stage27 March When I picked this book up a.

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He shrieks and falls, but rises once again, because The Oracle missed her target. If it could be proved that the whole universe had been produced by such Selection, only fools and rascals could bear to live. To make the suggestion beernard entertaining than it would be to most people in the form of a biological treatise, I have written Back to Methuselah as a contribution to the modern Bible.

When a man tells you that you are a product of Circumstantial Selection solely, you cannot finally disprove it. Everyone who had a mind to change, changed it. The elder long-lifers have effectively become gods, with the leaders of the short-lifers making pilgrimages to the British Isles to visit the oracle, a particularly long lived long-lifer.

Their remains are collected, using sanitary precautions, and burnt at Pygmalion’s laboratory, which is also destroyed. Hence my uncle was turning his back on very respectable company when he derided Evolution, and would probably have recanted and apologized at once bdrnard anybody pointed out to him what a solecism he was committing.

What made it scientifically intolerable was that it was ready at a moment’s notice to upset the whole order of the universe on the most trumpery provocation, whether by stopping the sun in the valley of Ajalon or sending an atheist home dead on methusepah shutter the shutter was indispensable because it marked the utter unpreparedness of the atheist, who, unable to save himself by a metthuselah repentance, was subsequently roasted through all eternity in blazing brimstone.

After the briefest sort of conversation, the pair leaves together, obviously intending to produce some long-lived children. Jun 04, Mike Harmon rated shww really liked it. Now Marx was by no means infallible: For all their sakes I must give here a little history of the conflict between the view of Evolution taken by the Darwinians though not altogether by Darwin himself and called Natural Selection, and that which is emerging, under the title of Creative Evolution, as the genuinely scientific religion for which all wise men are now anxiously looking.

It more than justified Robert Owen by discovering in the environment of an organism an influence on it more potent than Owen had ever claimed. Second there is the notion of the role of religion.

This is why we hear bad guys in movies say that humans need to be lead, and in fact many of us still look to our leaders to bernarc decisions for ourselves, but complain when the decisions that are made are not to our liking. The pre-Darwinian statesmen and publicists were not restrained directly by God; but they restrained themselves by setting up an merhuselah of a Public Opinion which would not tolerate any attempt to tamper with British liberties.


If you like eating the tender tops of trees enough to make you concentrate all your energies on the stretching of your neck, you will finally get a long neck, like the giraffe.

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In the meantime the microscope had been invented. Schopenhauer was credited with inventing the distinction between the Covenant of Grace and the Covenant of Works which troubled Cromwell on his deathbed. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

As night is falling, the children seek shelter in the temple. To pious people this would have been flat atheism, because they assumed that God must be a Cause, and sometimes called him The Great First Cause, or, in still choicer language, The Primal Cause. Lamarck would have said, by wanting to get at the tender leaves high up on the tree, and trying until he succeeded in wishing the necessary length of neck into existence. Next come the ghosts of Eve and Cain, then those of the Serpent and Lilith, mother of mankind.

However, as we gathered from Man and Superman, the nature of the violent aspects of humanity will go out to bernare and in turn kill that part of humanity which it considers to be superior, namely the peaceful and the wise, and this is clearly identified in his statement in that play’s postscript: All who were strong-minded enough not to be terrified by the bogey were left stranded in empty contemptuous negation, and argued, when they argued at all, as I argued with Father Addis.

And the earlier philosophers, from Plato to Leibniz, had kept the human mind open for the thought of the universe as one idea behind all its physically apprehensible transformations.

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Well, when Darwin killed the god who objected to chloroform, everybody who had ever thought about it said ‘Ouf! Open Preview See a Bqck

Kennedyeven though Kennedy stated that he was quoting Shaw—”You see things; and you say, ‘Why? As much as they try the automatons are violent and warlike, as is evident when one of them kills Pygmalion.

But in Darwin’s case it did matter. The moment we form it we want to get rid of the consciousness of it so as to economize our consciousness for fresh conquests of life; as all consciousness means preoccupation and obstruction.

If these two opinions were quoted at all, they were quoted as jokes at the expense of Nobodaddy. Thus Nietzsche, by the two or three who had come across his writings, was supposed to have been the first man to whom it occurred that mere morality and legality and urbanity lead nowhere, as if Bunyan had never written Badman.

Thus the educated man is a greater nuisance than the uneducated one: Then he waited to see whether their children would be born without tails. I was a Neo-Lamarckian. Presumably, however, the same power that made this mistake can remedy it. Science had no use for mere negation: Robert Owen made desperate efforts to convince England that her criminals, her drunkards, her ignorant and stupid masses, were the victims of circumstance: When I was a child and was told that our dog and our parrot, with whom I was on intimate terms, were not creatures like myself, but were brutal whilst I was reasonable, I not only did not believe it, but quite consciously and intellectually formed the opinion that the distinction was false; so that afterwards, when Darwin’s views were first unfolded to me, I promptly said that I had found out all that for myself before I was ten years old; and I am far from sure that my youthful arrogance was not justified; for this sense of the kinship of all forms of life is all that is needed to make Evolution not only a conceivable theory, but an inspiring one.


This part is divided into two acts, with one act set on the Irish Coast and the second part set at the oracle. The first scene opens with England’s President, Burge-Lubin descendent and composite of the politicians seen in The Gospel of the Brothers Barnabas squabbling with a Barnabas descendant—via telephones equipped with television—about which of them should welcome a visiting American who has invented a method for breathing underwater. Part 5 Now we come to the end of the play and to the far, far future where humanity has evolved again but not to the final point.

Members of the younger generation, in the persons of Franklyn’s daughter Savvy and her sweetheart, a young cleric named Haslam, are at the presentation, too. Like Bunyan’s pilgrim they could not see the wicket gate, nor the Slough of Despond, nor the castle of Giant Despair; but they saw the shining light at the end of the path, and so started gaily towards it as Evolutionists.

The circumstances of this catastrophe, the boyish cinema-fed romanticism which made it possible to impose it on the people as a crusade, and especially the ignorance and errors of the victors of Western Europe when its violent phase had passed and the time for reconstruction arrived, confirmed a doubt which had grown steadily in my mind during my forty years public work as a Socialist: She learns of the Archbishop’s longevity with great interest but no evident surprise and it soon emerges that she, also, is long lived and remembers Archbishop Haslam from the time she was parlour maid for Franklyn Barnabas.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I can understand why Alan Turing went through a metamorphosis after reading this in his late teens; there was a long discussion on creating what we now call AI and why humans have always had the urge to do so. And they are cowards because they have neither an officially accredited and established religion nor a generally recognized point of honor, and are all at sixes and sevens with their various private speculations, sending their children perforce to the schools where they will be corrupted for want of any other schools.