It appears to be a Beta manual Do a Google search for bcdxt manual pdf. The first listing is a Russian site that automatically downloads. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/POpitz/My%20Documents/temp/ CDImage_/Manual/ (1 of 2)5/26/ AM. This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. Mini-manual size is x8 inches.

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Rotate the SQ knob counter-clockwise all the way then clockwise until bcd996xt manual noise stops, then one notch more. The scanner will also search and display unknown tones. Turn to adjust the squelch.

BCDxt User Manual – The Forums

Since all of the step and modulation settings default to ‘Auto’, this allows you to bcd996xt manual those settings when programming.

To start Band Scope mode Hold on any channel and press then 3 Srch 3 bcd996xt manual start Band Scope mode at the frequency you held at. Continue at ‘ Set Number Tag ‘ below. You can also do this by pressing and holding SQ in scan mode. To view the last CC hit press Hold. To toggle bcd996xt manual for a search press Hold to hold on each search. You can also toggle these modes by pressing PRI in scan mode.

Content or information in external sources are neither the intellectual property not the responsibility of Uniden America Corp. When the scanner finds an bcd996xt manual transmission, bcd996xt manual checks to see if the ID has already been stored in the system ‘ Memory Check ‘ in the display. You can also turn on weather scan by pressing and holding the WX button in scan or search manuwl. Unlock all locations bcd996xt manual of type. The scanner moves to bcd996xf next system after the hold time expires, any current transmission ends, and the channel delay time expires.


You can use the band scope in normal mode the bars are all updated with the most recent signal strength or ‘Max Hold Mode’ the bars update only if there is a stronger signal than one previously stored for the current position. Scroll to ‘ Tone-Out Standby ‘ and press. These non-scannable systems are identified in the bcd996x type as: To select a menu item, bcd996xt manual the scroll control clockwise or counterclockwise. Set Attenuator Sets the attenuator 20 dB for weather operation.

Scroll to ‘ Set Heading ‘ and press. Signal Strength Meter – shows the signal strength for the more powerful transmissions. With this feature Offwhen the scanner detects a Close Call signal while scanning, the scanner does not override the current audio. The only things you will be able bcd996xt manual scan right out of bcd996xt manual box are the preprogrammed systems in the scanner. You can still do that separately if bcd996xt manual really want to confuse yourself.

An overview of the features can also be viewed at my Trunking Radio Comparison Chart page.

Tone-Out Search Mode is used if you don’t know the bcd996xt manual. If you turn this feature on, the scanner mutes, starts Close Call Only mode, and stores any Bcf996xt Call hits from the bands selected bcd996xt manual ‘ Set CC Bands ‘ up to the maximum you specified in the ‘ Max Auto Store ‘ setting.

That way the talkgroup options will bcd996xt manual you to select if it is a digital or analog. On the Edit Group menu, select the channel group you just created. If the Motorola system has priority channels, and you bcd996xt manual one of bcd996xt manual talkgroups as priority in the scanner, then when one of those channels becomes active, the scanner will jump to it even if it is on a different system voice channel i.


Edit Channel Options Menu. No memory space is wasted. Press to enter a decimal point for a frequency while programming. Reboot the slave scanner to load the new settings. The date shows that it is bcd996xt manual 4 years old. Motorola trunking radios directly interpret them for their special functions, thus no difference is noticed by the person with the radio.

Uniden BCD996XT Mini-Manual

Press to toggle through the backlight intensities in Any Mode. Click here to visit Scanner Master.

No to cancel storing a tone code if asked. To move the cursor to the rightpress 6. On – the scanner checks conventional priority channels. If you do not press ‘ Any Key ‘, the scanner will return to scanning after ‘pause’ times out.

To bcd996xt manual the manual completely, please, download it. See checking Bcd996xt manual Version. In this case, the scanner displays each Tone-Out channel for two seconds.

Uniden BCDXT Mini-Manual

Radio Reference Data Base. Range – Indicates the programmed distance bcd996xt manual your POI. Close Call Auto Store.

Press and hold to lock Function Mode. The quick keys for the system s and group s bcd996xt manual the priority channel s have to be enabled and bcd996xt manual or the scanner will display ‘Priority Scan No Channel’. Alert manuao Scan Mode. The default setting is unlocked.

Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

Trunking Display Mode 1. Set End Bcd996xt manual Motorola only. My bcd996xt manual is to assign all systems, sites, or groups you may want to turn on or off to quick keys and use lockouts only for channels.

Now the annoying stuff.