The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security . Basic Security Training in the Field II. Full title: Basic Security Training in the Field II Type: online. Short description: e-learning course by UNDSS on security. Below security trainings (BSITF, ASITF) are mandatory for all UN travels and deployments. Basic and Advanced Security in the Field for external, non-UN staff.

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Is it possible to change one’s username?

It is not possible to change your registered username a UN email address. The term SAFE UN is used because it is easy to remember and it is characteristic of the philosophy behind the campaign.

Summary of Basic Security in the Field (BSITF II) – Old version

In addition, kindly note that as of 1 January”Phases” th longer exist and been replaced by “Security Levels” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. A notification containing your log in details will be sent to your e-mail address.

All staff are thus required to re-take the course, even if in possession of the old BSITF certificate. How many Security Levels are there and what do they mean? When done click on the “Save Travel Segment” 6. By providing accurate information about your itinerary and contact details, UN security officials can provide you with updated information and know where to reach you and your family if other security measures are needed to ensure your safety.

This allows the United Nations to provide appropriate security support to all personnel eligible under UN security arrangements while they are traveling.

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Summary of Basic Security in the Field (BSITF II) – new version

In order to enhance safety and security awareness for United Nations personnel at the VIC, the Security and Safety Service Vienna is presenting four general safety and security themes to support a tbe and security mindset at the VIC. There are no administrative or financial actions, such as security-related entitlements, linked to the SLS. Alternatively, if the traveller is already in the TRIP database, you can click on the button labelled “Search for Traveller”.

How can I add meeting participants or consultants as travellers? The course is divided into seven modules. Second, there are no mandatory basix measures linked to any Security Level. Must I register using a UN email address?

The SLS can also be used to compare different threats Armed Conflict, Terrorism, Crime, Civil Unrest and Hazards to each other so that staff and managers can identify the most important threats in their area. We apologize for this inconvenience. Why am I having problems uploading the Advance Security secruity the Field training course? It will be regularly updated. The new interim policies promulgated on 17 December includes a policy on security clearances: In other words, bsif means that your security clearance request has been granted.

Basic Security in the Field II: Staff Safety, Health and Welfare

The Retrieve Password page will be displayed. In creating a new staff, please select the “profile type” that best fits the description of this person. You will find useful information related to individual security awareness, such as:. Although Security Clearance is not required for personal travel, travelers are strongly encouraged to register personal travel in TRIP.

How can I add or amend passport information?


This course is composed of seven self-paced animated modules, including various examples and activities. This course is suitable to all staff of any level of seniority, in particular new staff who are rield the UN system for the first time. Click on “Add travel segment” to add an additional travel segment. You will see a summary of your travel details for review. The SLS has 6 Levels going from 1 least dangerous environment to 6 most dangerous environment.

Failure to provide contact information may make it impossible to extend in extremis support to UN personnel and eligible family members in the event of an emergency.

Securitj, you cannot submit security clearance requests. What happens if the city is not listed in the “Travel Segments” section? ISECT is therefore no longer used. We received a lot of positive feedback on our presentation of that theme. You are strongly advised to do so. Terms of use Privacy policy Help and support. On 1 January the new baslc security clearance system went live.

Select “Create travel details” complex form. Must I provide full contact details when filling in the accommodation form? If in transit, please make sure you check the “Transit” checkbox. You will also need to install the Adobe Shockwave player, available for free at the Adobe web site.

For maximum reliability, the Structured Threat Assessment must have a clearly defined geographical area of analysis, called the “Security Level Area”.