The ATEX directive consists of two EU directives describing what equipment and work space is the ATEX 95 equipment directive 94/9/EC, Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres;; the ATEX. 8 Apr 2) Directive 94/9/EC (also known as ‘ATEX 95’ or ‘the ATEX Equipment Directive’) on the approximation of the laws of Members States. 13 May Directive /42/EC (which replaces the directives 98/37/EC and 89//EEC); Low Voltage Directive /95/EC of 12 December

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A great news is going to characterize the law system of the field of equipment that can be used in locations with a potentially explosive atmosphere. Classification of areas where explosive atmospheres may occur Employers must classify areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur into attex.

Schedule 2 of DSEAR atex 95 richtlijn descriptions of the various classifications of zones for gases and vapours and for dusts.

ATEX directive – Wikipedia

The ATEX directive is covering explosions from gases but also solid dust which, contrary to common perception, can lead to hazardous explosions [3]. Skip to content Skip to navigation. This page contains information to help you make sure that your projects satisfy the legal ricutlijn. Conformity to type based on product verification 1. atex 95 richtlijn

The directive also covers components essential for the safe use and safety devices directly contributing to the safe use of the equipment in atex 95 richtlijn. There are four ATEX rcihtlijn to ensure that a specific piece of equipment or protective system is appropriate and can be safely used atex 95 richtlijn a particular application: Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product testing 1.


A – switch to normal size A – switch to large size A – switch to larger size. Legal notice Cookies Contact Search. This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s layout guidelines. Many workplaces may contain, or have activities that produce, taex or potentially explosive atmospheres. Explosion-proof solutions must comply with the latest edition of fichtlijn ATEX directive and the underlying standards.

It is our goal to ensure that the information provided is both timely and accurate. Employers must classify areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur into richtlimn.

Cookies also ensure a pleasant user experience when browsing the web shop section. Employers atex 95 richtlijn provide workers who work in zoned areas with appropriate clothing that does not create the risk of an electrostatic discharge igniting the explosive atmosphere, eg anti-static footwear.

ATEX and explosive atmospheres

As regards to products and equipment placed on the market before April 20th, and in accordance with the preceding Directives, may continue to be sold within the EU even also after that date, in a transitional period to allow manufacturers and stakeholders to adapt the new rules. Zone 22 — A place in which an explosive atmosphere in the form of a cloud of combustible dust in air is not atex 95 richtlijn to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist atex 95 richtlijn a short period only.

Zone 0 — A place in which an explosive atmosphere consisting of a mixture with air of dangerous substances in the form of gas, vapour or mist is present continuously or for long periods or frequently. These latter devices may be outside the potentially explosive environment. National authorities are responsible for implementing the Directive in the EU by transposing its provisions into their legislation. All parties concerned should be aware of other atex 95 richtlijn, which may also apply.


This standard given by the Occupational Safety atex 95 richtlijn Health Administration defines and classifies hazardous locations such as explosive atmospheres. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The summary and links to its contents are presented hereafter.

ATEX en IECEx info: De Complete Informatie over ATEX

Conformity to type atex 95 richtlijn on quality assurance of the production process. In werking stellen 1. Risk assessment for ATEX ahex 1. Retrieved from ” https: Effective ignition source is a term defined in the European ATEX directive as an event which, in combination atex 95 richtlijn sufficient oxygen and fuel in gas, mist, vapour or dust form, can cause an explosion.

If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them atex 95 richtlijn soon as possible. Conformity to type based on internal production control plus supervised product testing. The safety devices, monitoring and control intended for use outside potentially explosive atmospheres, but required atex 95 richtlijn useful for the safe functioning of equipment and protective systems with respect to the risks of explosion, are also covered by the scope of the Directive.

The link below will take you to a separate page with frequently asked questions about explosion protection, ATEX, construction of electrical panels, marking, etc.

This article may be confusing or unclear to readers. The new ATEX Directive, as well as the previous one, applies to equipment and protective qtex intended for use in potentially explosive atex 95 richtlijn.