For Airush has simplified their range of kites and boards, making it easier for riders to find the products best suited to them. The popular Lithium kite is back for as is the Sector directional board, which is now available in three sizes as well as a one-design version. In , Airush brings the DNA to the masses in a plug-and-play package that gets you on the water and ripping in no time! Using the platform of the highly. The Airush Razor keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. While maintaining these characteristics of amazing.

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Check out the http: Improvements include the new Low Y System, which integrates a single front-line flag out that ensures peace of mind and meets safety standards, while also increasing kite performance. On the other hand, If you ride with your bar fully sheeted in resting against your quick release or chicken loopyou could probably tie an extra knot below the standard setting on the rear pigtail. Large radius Small radius.

The kite is so stable, that it is no problem to let go of the bar — you will have plenty of time to finish your carve and then grab the bar again.

Kite review Airush Razor – Review now!

Airush keeps the hardcore rider in mind with double PU coated line — the only choice for a durable sheeting line — which will give you years of usage. I think everyone should try either the Lithium or simplified DNA. Description Specifically designed aiursh one thing only, the Airush Wave is the ultimate choice for serious surf riders. The 5th line allows for a simple, safe and effective support system. Please add the quantity as airusy number.


Share your user experience. Please select option 5. Description After winning numerous magazines tests and extremely positive feedback from our Airush customers, the Airush Lithium was going to be a challenge to make better. Airush Razor Kite. Two ranges that see the most abuse and beating from our riders, Airush airusn it absolutely necessary to implement this construction in these kites to maximize the longevity.

Review Airush DNA 2013

Year after year, the Airush Lithium has built a followi Check out issue 60 that just came out with some more reviews! New school C-kite 5 Line High end performance Note: Built and tested to minimize impact related damages and enhance responsiveness throughout the airrush kite.

Airush has taken these characteristics of the C-kite and added the demands of the New School rider who requires a wider wind range, customizable tuning and greater stability.


Write your own review. Some pressure Total depower. Recently the Airush Lithium has been recieving ama Julien Kerneur is no stranger to riding foils. Specifications User reviews Kite Freestyle wave cutting edge C-kite Designer’s goals As a dedicated 5-line kite, the Razor attracts C-kite enthusiasts, freestyle fanatics, and wave purists with its high-end performance.

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Riding in under 12 knots? New for there is a Lighter bar pressure setting on the bridle attachment near the center of the leading edge. This an excellent kite, and since I weigh lbs, I highly recommend it to big aggressive riders who have a committed style.

This will allow for a lot more range or depower in the kite.

If you like to ride hooked in and turn your kite constantly when you ride waves, make a knot even above the standard one on the pigtail, to increase your steering speed. The Smartbar 4 is extremely tunable, safe and easy to use. Riders want the option of choosing the bar system that best suits their style, needs and budget. Choose the right gear and player to… http: For kiteloops or just fun freestyle — I would suggest the last two points for an extremely aggressive and maneuverable kite.

Specifically designed for one thing only, the Airush Wave is the ultimate choice for serious surf riders. No user reviews yet. Lithium One 16m Only The ultimate lightwind freeride kite, using the innovative One strut technology, the Lithium One 16m utilizes the weight saving concept to create a whole new Lithium 16m fordevoted to extremely light wind conditions.

Airush Lithium 10m.