Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges – 17th Edition – (AASHTO) [ American Association of State Highway & Transportation] on 23 Mar Due to errors found after the publication of the subject document, AASHTO has reprinted the affected pages. Please update your copy by. highway construction improvements as well as provisions relating to defined in the book) on road STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS FOR BRIDGE.

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The dead-load distribution section of the Deck Analysis and Loading Component will calculate and apply dead load to the deck using the dimensions of the deck, curbs, etc. The system analyzes a transverse normal to the stajdard of the roadway cross-section of a bridge.

The Pier Support Component takes the forces at the bottom of the columns and performs one or more types of footing design.

Standards, Specifications, Protocols, Methods, and Codes

Society for Protective Coatings. The PCA Column Design Component when supplied the cross-section properties and applied loads will determine the required column reinforcement.


Canadian Acts and Regulations. The Pier Analysis and Loading Component, using the dimensions and loads input, will apply the resulting forces to the pier and determine the resultant actions in the pier shear and moment in the cross beam, axial load and moment in the columns.

Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada. The reactions output from the Deck Analysis and Loading component may be used as uniform load per foot for longitudinal girder analysis. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

AASHTO – Standards in the ASU Library: AA-AFPA – LibGuides at Arizona State University

Atlantic Walls Atlantic Industries Limited. Transportation Association of Canada. Strategic Highway Research Program. International Concrete Repair Institute. Materials and Coating Requirements.

The second is to assist in the analysis of the longitudinal girder aashto standard specifications for highway bridges 17th edition with the distribution of the dead load of the deck to the girders. Design standards for the maintenance and rehabilitation of older, existing structures. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Replaces the 16th edition and its interims — American Water Works Association. If the actual column reinforcement is input, the program will determine the adequacy of the section to resist the applied loads.


Ontario Statutes, Regulations, etc. American Society for Testing and Materials. Canadian Council of Independent Laboratories.

Ministry of Transportation, Ontario. The Deck Analysis and Aazhto Component can analyze bridge decks supported on two or more girders, up to a maximum of International Slurry Surfacing Association. The Deck Loading Component has three purposes. Barsplicer System Barsplice Products Inc.

Goods and Services Identification Number. Canadian General Standards Board. The longitudinal girder reactions at the pier are then used by the Pier Analysis and Loading Component.

The first is to assist the engineer in the analysis of the deck itself. Citizen Business Government Visitor.

The third is to assist in the analysis of a frame pier with the distribution of live load to the girder bearings and hence to the pier. International Organization for Standardization. Shear Restricted Disc Bearing R.