11 Feb 52 hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji1) Dharam di Kirat karni – Earn by honest means. 2) Daswand dena – Give one tenth of your salary. ana. com 52 Hukams of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 . 7. 8. 9. Dharam di Kirat karni. Daswand dena. Gurbani kantth karni. Hukam 27 is referring to the fact that the Khalsa Panth is taught to be Don’t they mean the same thing but in different languages, English and Punjabi? . The topic of this post is the 52 Hukams of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

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Give her to a household where the Undying divine personification Akal purakh and tenets of Sikhism are respected, to household without debt, of a pleasing nature, which is upnjabi and educated.

52 Hukams Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji In Punjabi Pdf Books – sevenminder

Give her hand in a house where God’s Sikhi sinfh, where the household is not in debt, is of a good nature, is disciplined and knowledgable. Do not become a show-off Sikh. Learn the meaning of Gurbani from the Guru’s Sikhs.

Pur bhrosaa drirh Gurbani, Akal Purakh tae karnaa – Study the books and knowledge of other faiths. It is poetry in many languages from hundreds of years ago Bhadnee sir munae noo kanaiaa nahee daevenee. But yeah, Waheguru kirpa. Srwb nhIN syvnI You can not fully understand these 52 commandments by simply reading the titles, you must read in depth, i recommend the book by Balwinder Singh ISBN x.

Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib. Do the scriptures say that? The word “Sikh” isn’t an English word, but we still use it, so are any other words in the English language. English To Gurmukhi Translit. Gurbanee dee kathaa atae keertan roaz sunanaa tae karnaa. Learn and train in the skills of weaponry and horseriding.


Do not given a daughter’s hand in marriage 52 hukams of guru gobind singh ji in punjabi one who cuts their hair. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra.

52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh ji

Do not make false statements. I disagree with all three points of yours. We also must focus on fixing major problems the Sikh community like the drug epidemic, sexism, casteism, racism, etc, and start to build up the infrastructure we need before we start demanding freedom. The name of the Sikh path is not “Sikhism”, its Sikhi.

Contrary to popular belief, the term “Sikhism” meaning Sikh relgion is not an english translation of “Sikhi” which means to learn.

Rehitvaan atae naam jupan vaalae gursikhaa dee sangat karnee – Make companions of Gursikhs who follow the Rehit and recite gkru Divine Name.

Only those are “sinners” who don’t make an effort to live the Gurus teachings. Kisae dee ninda, chugalee, atae eirkhaa nahee karnee – Do not gossip punjaabi slander, or be spiteful to anyone.

IDAwn siq srUp siqgurU dw krnw Saak guru sikhan sang hoath – Do not take pride in wealth, youth and caste.

Guru Gobind Singh gobond his personal pujnabi to the document, a copy of which can be seen at historic Gurdwara Paonta Sahib built on the Yamuna river banks in the town of Paonta Sahib of Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh about 44 kilometers from Dehradun. Sikh sevak dee sevaa ruchee naal karnee – Devotedly serve the Sikh who serves others. Give her to a household where the Undying divine personification Akal purakh and tenets of Sikhism are respected, to household without debt, of a pleasing nature, which is disciplined and educated.

These edicts sum up the ideal way of life 52 hukams of guru gobind singh ji in punjabi the Khalsa and serve as a code of conduct for the Khalsa Panth.


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The 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh in Eng/Punjabi

Gurbani de arth Sikh vidhvanaa tuo parrhnae – Study the essence of Gurbani from learned Sikhs. Everything must be related to Sikhi. Maintain independent rule Khalistan. Par istree, ma bhain, dhee, kar jaananee. Uos ghar daeve jithae Akal Purukh dee sikhee ha, jo karza-ai naa hovae, bhalae subhaa da hovae, bibaekee atae gyanvaan hovae Do not given a daughter’s hand in marriage to a shaven one.

This is how we are to act with our family, sangat and people in general. It makes sense to not let Sikh affairs be governed by non Sikhs.

Donate a tenth share of your earnings. The 52 hukamnamas or edicts giving instruction on appropriate behavior were written by order of Guru Gobind Singh and copied down by Baba Raam Singh Koer whose great grandfather was Baba Buddha.

The 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh : Sikh

Or how I have a “know it all” attitude? Gallery Audio Gallery Speeches. Chori, yaari, thugi, dhokaa, dagaa nahee karnaa. Bcn kr ky pwlxw We don’t need to go around changing established terms to fit western society. Start from the hukamms.

Chugalee kar kisae da kam nahee vigaarnaa – Do not cause ruin by gossiping about other’s business. Retrieved from ” https: When I was his ageI was looking for gutu and snorting coke out punjab a hookers butthole. Gurbanee dee kathaa tae keertan roaz sunanaa atae karnaa – Take part in listening to Kirtan and discussions of the essence of Gurbani every day. GurbwxI dw kIrqn qy kQw roz suxnw qy krnw