Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in 3ds Max Surf’s Up. Justin has also had numerous articles, tutorials and images published in 3D World and 3D Artist. NURBS in 3DS Max, NURBS modeling technique, collected to from

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You can use Tutorlal Select to apply modifiers to a sub-object selection. There are also NURBS lathe and extrude surface sub-object types, which you can apply to curve sub-objects.

Click one of these buttons, then in a viewport click the curve to use as the new rail. Multicurve Trimmed Surfaces Multicurve trimmed surfaces are the only way to create a trimmed hole that contains sharp angles. If you try to project across the seam, only part of the curve’s projection is created.

Tip When you edit curves in a 2-rail sweep, 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial off display of the sweep itself can make the curves easier to see and improve performance as well.

This is a subset of the Selection Floater that you can use during 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial creation as well as sub-object selection. This is handy when sub-objects are crowded or hard to see.

If you have a joined curve as one of the curves to construct moreling loft, reparameterize it before you create the loft, or set the curves to reparameterize automatically.

How to Make Objects with NURBS Modeling

The points 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial CVs of the curve are displayed, as well as the control lattice if the curve is a CV curve.


Neither curves on surfaces nor projected curves can cross the edge of a surface. Modify the editable spline so that all its vertices are Bezier or Smooth vertices. When on, the plane kodeling scaled uniformly in all directions.

2-Rail Sweep Surface

When off, the rail curves define a ruled surface, and the cross sections describe lofting from this base ruled surface. If the rails are curved, the plane can rotate. When set, the 2-Rail Sweep’s V-axis iso curves are displayed as well as the U-axis curves used to construct the sweep.

Accept cookies and close tjtorial message Disable cookies. This removes the modifiers from the stack without changing 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial position of the modified points or CVs, making for a simpler 3dz quicker model.

Growing up, Justin found a deep interest for the computer graphics industry after watching movies like Jurassic Park, Tutoriall Story and The Abyss. The cross sections in the middle are translated to touch the rails nurbw the closest point to the ends of the cross-section curves.

Let you replace the rail curves. Select a curve in the list, click this button, then select the new curve. When on, each cross section is associated with its best fitting plane. Sign up to get immediate access to 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial course plus thousands more you can watch anytime, anywhere.


This is the recommended method 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial you aren’t using the curves to construct a surface.

And choosing your snap settings does not turn on snaps. Don’t set viewports to display edged faces.

Modeling Hard Surfaces with NURBS in 3ds Max

Snapping 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial to each other doesn’t always succeed, because of rounding off. To create a 2-rail sweep with automatic attach:. Be aware, however, that multiple CVs increase the amount of calculation and therefore reduce the performance and stability of your model.

The sweep surface can deviate from the curve if you edit a curve in a sweep by increasing the weight of the curve CVs. While you’re adjusting start points, a dotted blue line is displayed between them, to show the alignment. The Edit Curve button lets you directly transform the CVs of a curve within a U loft or UV loftwithout changing the sub-object level. We’ll explore hard surface modeling by using a variety of NURBS and spline tools and techniques in 3ds Max to build a skateboard.

Click each of the cross-section curves, and 3ds max nurbs modeling tutorial right-click to end creation. To close a UV loft, you can pick the first V curve again to make it the last curve in the loft.